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Cork Heart

I’ve been collecting wine corks for years. My family would save me GIANT bags of corks and yet, somehow, I would manage to fit them into my suitcase and schlep them all home. I would jokingly tell people that I was “building a boat.”

Okay, so I wasn’t really building a cork boat, although that is a fantastic book and true story (seriously), written by John Pollack! Over time, I had saved a whole bunch of corks to use for my wedding (stay tuned for that project in another post), but I knew I wanted to make something else fun and creative, but nothing that was too difficult, or too expensive.

Luckily, my uncle, a wine aficionado, and provider of hundreds of my corks (ok, let’s be real, mostly all of them), loves to drink both red and white wine, so I soon realized I had enough corks to make an “ombré” effect (although at that point, I had no clue yet what I was making exactly). And those of you who know me well, are aware how obsessed I am with anything ombré (yea yea, even if it’s so 2013), HA!

After many hours of browsing on Pinterest, I went on and found a 24” wooden heart (for only $14)! I then arranged the corks in the ombré effect I wanted, with the darkest red wine-stained corks on the bottom, and arranging the lighter ones at the top. I hot glued them on the bottom, and for extra staying power, I used a spray adhesive over the whole thing. Then, I had to figure out how to get this massive (and admittedly very heavy) wooden heart up on the wall. I clearly needed some inspiration and luckily I just had to walk around my own apartment to find it.

Obviously I already had stuff hanging on the wall, so how does one hang a heavy picture frame?

Well, as you already guessed, I made my way to Home Depot, bought a “picture hanging kit”, dug out my tool case, and that was that! The entire project cost under $30! Although, if you factor in all the wine that had to be consumed, maybe this could be considered an expensive, custom-made art piece! Granted the “cork gluing” process took quite a while, but it was all worth it. I love that it’s unique and there’s not another one exactly like it!

I know this is going to sound a little odd (maybe), but I like that it’s not totally perfect – the color and shape of the corks isn’t manipulated in any way. I didn’t paint any corks to make the most perfect ombré pattern, but to me, it’s more interesting. It’s a conversation-starter. And though it’s not meant to look like a cheap craft project, I appreciate the story it tells. These corks are from delicious bottles of wine, from all over the world, drunk by family and friends on holidays, joyous occasions and everything in-between.

Hopefully you find some inspiration from my D-I-Y project and fill your home with unique and personalized décor!

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