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Here is it. The long-awaited “Jamberry” post. Some of you may know that I recently became an Independent Jamberry Consultant, YAY!

So, let me explain what Jamberry is and how AMAZING their products are!

Jamberry is a direct-sales company (started by 3 sisters) that sells unique, vinyl heat-activated nail wraps, nail lacquer, and their own gel nail colors! Their nail wraps come in over 300 designs, including their NEW Disney Collection by Jamberry wraps! How insanely cool is that?

I love Jamberry for several reasons, so I’ve provided some of them for you all here:

  1. Super long-lasting. The company says the nail wraps last 2 weeks and really…they last 2 weeks and even longer (4 weeks for a pedicure)! A few months ago, I started using the gel base and top coat over my wraps which helps make them last EVEN LONGER! These are so great for anyone, especially stay-at-home moms! Your nails won’t chip after doing the dishes, laundry, changing diapers, typing, texting, cleaning and basically doing anything else. It’s one less thing to worry about! My problem is not that the wraps chip, or peel, is that my nails grow so fast, that I need to remove them since they don’t look as good with nail growth. First world probs, I know.

  2. Easy to apply. It took a few times to really get the technique down, and granted I’ve learned a few new ways to apply the wraps but it just keeps getting easier. And how could you not love the fact that there’s no drying time! That means no smudges, wrinkles, or nicks!

  3. NO harsh toxins or chemicals. All of their products are “5-free”, meaning they contain no Dibutyl Phthalate, Toluene, Formaldehyde, Formaldehyde Resin, or Camphor formaldehyde. Plus, they’re vegan and made right here in the USA! That’s a big plus in my book, since I’ve been more conscious of my food and what ingredients I consume, so why not do the same with my beauty products?

  4. Cheaper than traditional and no-chip manicures. Each sheet of nail wraps contains 18 wraps and cost just $15 (excluding the Disney Collection by Jamberry wraps), or buy 3 get 1 free! I always find that I have several wraps in my cart, so the B3G1F is a HUGE plus! Think about it, a regular manicure is roughly $15 (not including tip), and the polish starts to chip within a few days! Their “Tru-Shine” gel set is a lot cheaper too. They have an LED light to use with their gel colors, which is only $44 and their base, top coats, gel colors are $20 each but they last a long time. A no-chip mani is $40 anyway so why not use the Jamberry products, buy the set once, and use them in the comfort of your home.

  5. Non-damaging to your nails. Most nail polishes contain harsh chemicals, and no-chip manicures are damaging to your nails, as well as giving you exposure to UV lights. The “Tru-Shine” gel set from Jamberry is an LED light, and it cures in only 45 seconds, using the built-in self timer. They have gel remover packets and non-acetone lacquer and nail wrap remover, but I personally like to use coconut oil, since I have a crapton of it, and it is super hydrating and moisturizing for your hands and nails. I recommend checking out for application and removal videos and tips!

Even though I am such a huge fan of the products and the company, let me tell you a story of what really set this apart from me and convinced me I needed to join.

I was in Phoenix just last month for a wedding, and in the hotel lobby (The Biltmore to be exact, and yes it was spectatcular), I overheard a woman say "...Jamberry..." I felt like a cartoon where my ears poked up, so I walked over to this woman and asked "um, did I overhear you say, 'Jamberry'?" "Yea, we are having our executive retreat here this weekend," she said. Of course I laughed, showed her my nails and said, "well I'm wearing your product!"

Okay, pause for here for a moment. Jamberry, was having a retreat here, at this hotel, where I'm also staying. My immediate thought was, "Oh I'm going to work this!" And so I did.

After Shabbat dinner on Friday night, I made my way back to the lobby and saw a Jamberry poster perched outside one of the ballrooms, and 2 women hanging talking outside the room. I walked over and asked them if they were here for the Jamberry conference (for me, that wasn't hard to do, but I know it takes a lot of balls to talk to strangers). They said yes, and naturally, I just held up my hands, displaying my 1 week old "jamicure" (which looked awesome if I say so myself), and well, they just started screaming, in pure excitement. A few minutes later, one of them turned to me and said "do you want to meet the CEO and her husband and cute baby?" Well, of course you know I HAD to say yes, as if there was any doubt. So, I met Christy Hepworth (one of the founding sisters), her husband Adam and their adorable baby. They were so friendly and I felt so grateful that they took time to chat with me. Then, when this guy came over, I noticed he was wearing a few wraps on his nails, so I grabbed his hand and said, "oh, you're wearing Bon Voyage! I love that one." The look on his face was priceless. And, as I found out later, he was the President. Yes, Rachel, of course he was.

I chatted with these women that night and the following night and I felt so comfortable, so honored to be a part of this world with them. They shared their advice with me and showered me with compliments as I told them about my up-and-coming blog! I truly loved how approachable they all were - CEO, President, Executives - it didn't matter what their title was, they are all real people who absolutely love what they do.

So, I let it marinate and of course they all told me I would be crazy not to join, since I was giving them MY Jamberry tips and tricks. Long story short, I signed up as a Jamberry consultant under Sara, one of the women that I had met that night. They all gave me such confidence that I knew I couldn't brush off this experience. It happened for a reason.

Even though it can be overwhelming to start something so big and so new, I really am excited to be a part of this amazing company, where they empower women to be successful, help you engage in new relationships and social settings and provide the tools to help you run your own business and be a team leader. It’s really inspiring to be part of a team of supportive women who believe in the products and want you to succeed. Can’t get any better than that, right?

If you’re interested in purchasing any Jamberry products, hosting an in-home or online party (where you can win a TON of hostess rewards, like free wraps, and major discounts on your next purchase), or to be a part of my Jamberry team, contact me at:

Happy Jamming everyone!

Check out some photos of my Jamberry nails!

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