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Wedding Inspiration – Ombré Aisle Runner

In honor of Valentine’s Day today, I thought I would post a little wedding inspiration! I’m sure most of you know that planning a wedding can be overwhelming and stressful, but it doesn’t have to be! For real, I promise! When I was planning my wedding 3 years ago, I knew I wanted to have unique and special elements, and of course, as you know from my last post, I had to do something “ombré”. Let’s be honest, this was ALL the rage back in 2013, so granted I didn’t want to have a super “trendy” wedding that would look outdated in just a few years, but I wanted to use of all things…COLOR! I was going for a modern-vintage feel for my wedding, so a classic style mixed with my own flair? That truly never goes out of style.

For those of you who need some inspiration for wedding planning, head to Pinterest and Etsy. And, sorry, in advance, but I guarantee you'll be hooked for HOURS on end. It’s highly addictive. Luckily, during one of my Pinterest binges, I came across the idea of doing an ombré aisle runner – something colorful and dramatic. No need for candles or flowers or banisters. I fell in love with that idea, but I needed to find the right fabric, and I didn’t want to spend thousands of dollars on it.

While searching on Etsy, I came across this gorgeous “sunset” inspired fabric from lucyintheskyquilts (check them out, they were great to work with) and after they sent me a sample, I knew this was the one. They were so helpful and responsive and after I explained what I wanted to do with it, they got in contact with the wholesaler and I was able to purchase 16 yards of the fabric, for under $150! Woohoo! My plan was working! My amazing tailor (who also customized the top part of my wedding dress) sewed and hemmed the fabric, and that was all it took!

Even though I knew what the aisle runner looked like, I was still in awe once the doors opened as I made my way down the aisle. Even my mom, in that moment, couldn’t help but yell, “OH MY GOSH, this is gorgeous!” I whispered, “Ssshhh…we’re WALKING DOWN THE AISLE!” But I understood why she felt the need to express that. I guess in a weird way, it lightened the mood and kept me calm (but oddly enough, I was already calm and collected on my wedding day). But thanks mom, I love you!

So, to all you brides-to-be, congratumazels! My advice is to be creative, don’t be afraid to use color and bring in your own personal touches. Don’t just do what your friends are doing (that’s boring) – make it you! And of course, remember to breathe, relax and don’t worry about the little things. No one else will notice them, trust me. And everything will still be beautiful.

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