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Embroidered Caftan

Hello readers!

This past Saturday night was my first in-home Jamberry party (see my previous post about there - here), and of course, I had to plan what I was going to wear. To be honest, I contemplated wearing fuzzy slippers to make everyone feel relaxed (but next time, I’ll just make it a pajama party)! I really didn’t want to wear anything too fancy, even though I love dressing up – but after all, this party was meant to be a casual Saturday night.

My first thought was the possibility of wearing my caftan (a loose dress or tunic). I mean, hey, it’s colorful and funky and it has pockets - which of course I love a good pocket! I decided to go with my instinct and wear the caftan and I’m glad I did! I stayed comfortable, yet stylish, but not without the welcome compliments.

How do I go about buying a caftan, you ask? Well, let me tell you where I found this gorgeous embroidered soft-as-silk caftan (for a reasonable price of under $200)! But first, you need to open up a new tab in your browser and go to (okay, maybe not right now, but once you’re done reading my post, then go to their site, HA)!

Believe me, you’ll regret that I told you because this website is HIGHLY addictive - such great styles at insanely low prices (yes, it’s possible you may burn a hole in your wallet but I take no responsibility).

Check out these gorgeous caftans I found on

This shorter caftan is absolutely stunning and perfect for a day at the beach!

You may have to do some shopping around to find the one that you really love, but it’s worth it. And with warmer weather just around the corner (hopefully, here in Chicago at least), I guarantee you’ll be able to find some great styles that are a perfect addition to your spring wardrobe!

To be honest, I had been looking for the perfect caftan for months and finally found it on their site – this beautiful number (see photo above) from KAS New York. I purchased it back in August, and since it was supposed to be a loose-fitting dress, it ended up being too loose, so I was drowning in it. Luckily, I was able to exchange for a smaller size, but since I’m “vertically challenged”, of course I needed to have it hemmed.

When my husband and I are home for Friday night Shabbat dinner, you can guarantee that I’ll be wearing it. It’s my go-to, my "Rachel-esque" modern Shabbos robe. Even though it feels like pajamas, the exquisite embroidery and soft material make it feel that much more special and thankfully, (I think, at least), money well spent!

So, next time to you attend a girls’ night out, or a casual dinner party; consider wearing something unexpected, something casual, and yet extremely luxe. Consider wearing a caftan!

It’s traditional, with a twist. Just like me. :)

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