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Bridal Shower Party Decor

Welcome to my first “requested” blog post! One of my readers (okay, well it’s my mom, but she reads my blog) asked if I would write a post on party ideas for bridal showers!

For the record, let’s say we’re not going with any specific “themed” bridal shower, cool?

When she asked me about this topic, the first tip I thought I needed to share was my idea of using mini chalkboards! Okay, so anything with chalkboard paint or mini chalkboards is quite possibly “so five years ago”, but one of the great things I love about them is that they are, duh – reusable! Just erase and use for your next party. Check out any craft supplies store for mini chalkboards, chalkboard stickers, or you can even buy picture frames and some chalkboard paint and you have, well, blank canvas! Also, I’m not a big fan of using traditional chalk, since I think it’s a bit tricky to use (at least for me). So, instead, I've been using chalkboard pens in neon colors!

The picture above is from my “latkes and vodkas” Hanukkah party two years ago, where I used mini chalkboards taped to popsicle sticks and displayed them in mini glass containers, so all food and drink was clearly identified (and that way, people weren’t bugging me all night asking what everything is)! It’s so simple, yet so smart, if I say so myself. :)

Here’s another tip that I like to keep in mind when I plan for any party – elevate simple items to make them even more special. Try buying gold photo frames from the Dollar Store and use them to feature photos of the couple, or their wedding invitation/save-the-date, or maybe a collage of photos from when they were kids.

Going with the overall gold theme? Buy some gold balloons and tie a balloon on each chair, or a cluster of balloons on the chair for the bride-to-be! Or, for a funkier look, fill clear balloons with gold glitter before inflating. It’s such an easy, yet elegant look, right? And what’s cheaper than buying some balloons, glitter and photo frames?

When in doubt, place some fresh flowers throughout the table too – something colorful and inviting and make sure they’re seasonal! For an unexpected touch, add bunches of herbs, like basil and mint in small glass vases, or mason jars. And might as well serve some refreshing cocktails using the herbs too!

And I know that mason jars are (also), not a new idea, but I do really love using them for anything and everything (food storage, floral arrangements, adding tea lights a soft glow). Don't have any mason jars, or maybe you're sick of using vases? I like to put my flowers in pitchers. Chances are you have plenty of glass or ceramic pitchers lying around.

As for plating arrangements, I love mixing different patterns and textures, so it doesn’t look too put together, or too cookie-cutter (that’s just not my style anyhow). Mix some vintage patterns with simple, monochromatic dishes and serving pieces. And if you don’t want to use real dishes, try a “fancy” version of paper goods, like bamboo! It’s gentler on the environment, totally reusable and it gives your table a bit more of an upscale look - just a bit nicer than your basic plastic plates.

All in all, there’s no need to go crazy for any party, be it a bridal shower, birthday party, or just brunch with the girls.

All you really need are some balloons, photo frames, cool dishes, and flowers, but more importantly, good company.

Happy party planning!

Check out some awesome party ideas I grabbed from Pinterest!

Do you have any unique party décor ideas for a bridal shower? Post in the comments below!

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