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Floral Wedding Shoes

Planning a wedding is hard enough, but finding the right accessories for your wedding can be tricky. I know it may not be important for every bride, but for me, my shoes were a crucial part of my wedding look – since epic shoes are quite the necessity in my life.

I knew pretty early on that I wanted floral shoes, it felt so me – traditional with a twist. I wanted simple pumps, a classic style that will never go out of fashion, but I wanted something just interesting enough that when I step up to the Chuppah and lift the bottom of my dress just slightly, the audience would catch a glimpse of these “oh-so-Rachel-shoes”. Call me selfish, but I wanted a “moment”. Something unexpected.

So, anyway, I pretty much had this exact image in my head when I searched for shoes, so when my Google search turned up with these beauties, I didn’t hesitate to snag them. There was only one problem though – they were almost completely unavailable, except only 1 left, and that of course was 1 size too big. But I didn't give up just yet. I did some research and discovered that because these Alice & Olivia shoes were last season’s style (shhh don’t tell), they were not as readily available. BUT…all of the reviews said the sizes ran 1 size too large. So, I figured if the only size available was an 8, and I am normally a size 7, I was in business. That being said, I still wanted to try them on to make sure I could walk in them, but of course, make sure I could walk with a big wedding dress on.

Lo and behold, I ordered a size 8 and had it shipped directly to the Neiman Marcus store downtown – that way, if they didn’t work, I could just return them back to the store and not have to worry about return shipping.

The day was finally here, when the shoes arrived at the store. I made my way after work to Michigan Ave and when the saleswoman opened the box, I fell even more in love with them. And just like that – they were a perfect fit.

The best part about these shoes? Ironically, they matched my wedding bouquet (which by the way, was NOT planned)! Even though I explained to my florist what I wanted, I didn’t know what it looked like until that day. It was clearly meant to be.

Ok so just in case you’re wondering – yes, these pumps are pretty high, and I was concerned about having my dress be too long once I changed into more comfortable dancing shoes. But I had found the perfect solution to that too – I got white Toms strappy wedge sandles to wear for dancing! They were the perfect height and super comfy to dance the night away in.

So, if you’re in the process of planning a wedding, or know someone who is, don’t stress yourself you out too much, but think about those details. If you’re able to put your own spin on wedding style – go for it! There are no rules when it comes to this! Want to wear bright pink shoes? Why not? Wearing a pale blue wedding dress? Rock that look! I love putting my own twist on traditional styles. You’ll feel more like yourself and that’s exactly what you want on your wedding day. :)

Happy wedding planning and shoe shopping!!

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