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#OOTD - Floral Skirt and Denim Shirt

This outfit happened by accident. I was rushing to get ready for work one day last summer (yes...this outfit is from last summer, but who cares, it's all still in season) and rushed to put on a top that would work with this fabulous floral pencil skirt from the Milly by DesignNation collection at Kohls. I grabbed my button-down denim J.Crew shirt and thought it looked a little "shlumpy", but I had no time to change. Why did I think it didn't look great? Well, for one thing, the shirt is a bit too long to work with the proportions of my body un-tucked with the skirt and honestly, if I tucked in the shirt, my muffin top would be plopping out over the skirt. And that's not so great. I need that stretchy waistband to stay put!

So, I took a cue from 80's fashion and tied the ends together, and it turned out, that seemed to be the answer to my fashion dilemma for the day. Added a fringe gold necklace and some pale pink espadrille flats and I seemed very ready for a perfect summer day, even if I was stuck at the office all day.

You all know that I love Kohls - definitely a store that seems under-the-radar to most style-mavens, am I right?! Well, this was definitely my favorite designer collaboration - with Milly! I coveted basically everything they were selling last year - and this pencil skirt was my fav. I seem to use "versatility" a lot, but I'm such of fan of that! Who doesn't want to buy a great skirt and be able to wear it season after season? I'm not a fan of buying super "trendy" pieces that I know I probably won't wear a year later. Unless you fall head-over-hells in love with the piece and it won't break your bank, sure, go for it. Otherwise, put it back on the rack. Sure, I've worn this skirt with many different tops and jackets and transitioned it well into fall and even winter (try wearing a bright, springy dress well into fall or winter with tights and ankle booties)!

If I could give you this week's piece of style advice it would be: Buy clothing that fits in your wardrobe! Make sure you have pieces to coordinate, otherwise, that awesome new skirt you just bought will be sitting in the back of your closet collecting dust. And that's no way to feel confident in an awesome outfit on a rushed summer day.

Happy shopping! (Btw... "OOTD" means "outfit of the day). :)



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