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KC Kosher BBQ competition & Custom Designed Jamberry Nail Wraps!

You know those moments when you've stayed up all night and you're so utterly exhausted but you're running on pure adrenaline? Ok so maybe that hasn't happened to you since college pulling an all-nighter, but this is just 1 small part of the experience that is the KC Kosher BBQ Competition just a few weeks ago!

I've competed in 3 competitions as of now - 2 years ago was my first (#bbqcompvirgin), competing in KC and then our team was "3 dudes and a vegetarian" (obviously you know I'm the veggie in the group) and last summer was the competition in Chicago, where we officially became "5 dudes and a vegetarian".

Now you're probably wondering, what's a vegetarian (like me, although technically I'm a pescetarian as you know) doing with BBQ? As in hunks of brisket, beef ribs, chicken and turkey, ya know, your typical vegetarian-friendly food, eh? :) Well, I consider myself a self-proclaimed foodie (sorry, hope that doesn't sound snobby), and I love the challenge! Okay, so I don't taste the meat and yes that can be challenging when you're cooking for very picky (but fair) judges, but luckily I've had great teammates and a pit master (also fellow foodie friend) who can vouch for our delicious kosher BBQ meats.

Yes, it's exhausting staying up all night, babysitting the brisket on the smoker, but needless to say, these competitions are nothing short of pure fun, and great spirit. There's such a wonderful feeling in the air (I'm not just referring to the billows of smoke wafting through the air, making us all stink for days), but rather because it's a kosher event, it's an even playing field. Same ingredients, same proteins, same equipment. No "secret family recipes" here. This is a serious event (we're talking BBQ religion here in KC), but it boasts such an incredibly friendly competition atmosphere - everyone cheering for each other and giving helpful pointers (sometimes) all while corralled around their smokers, nursing their beers.

So how did "5 dudes and a vegetarian" fare in the end? Well, as you can see, we won a trophy - 3rd place in Brisket, out of 18 teams! We were pleasantly surprised by the fanfare but also by winning in the most covetable category (apart from Grand Champion)!

Now, we all know that this event wouldn't be complete from me without custom made Jamberry Nail Wraps - BBQ inspired! When I first thought of this idea, I was totally stuck. How was I going to design wraps that I would actually wear but still use the BBQ theme? I thought about using the logo, but it would be so tiny and I figured I wanted to design wraps that were more "evergreen". So instead of putting T-bone steaks, knives, and weird flames on my nails, I opted for "fancy gold cow skulls...with flowers". HA!

No, but really, that's what I did as you can see. I was going for a subtle homage to the BBQ, keeping it classy, my friends. :)

Well, there you have it! If you or someone you know would be interested in buying a sheet of my Nail Art Studio Jamberry wraps "BBQ style", leave a comment below!

Go team! Happy BBQing and Jamming!



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