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Wedding Decor - Birdcage Centerpieces

Time to change things up a bit! It's been a while since I wrote a post about my wedding (or ANY wedding really), but I wanted to share another tidbit on table centerpieces, that might be useful to any of you planning a wedding!

Don't get me wrong, I'm a sucker for beautiful flowers. can be pricey, and let's face it, they die. So, off the bat, I nixed the idea of using flowers as part of our table centerpieces. So I went with vintage birdcages instead. But here's the catch. My married name, "Fliegelman", means "bird" or "wing" man in German. So there you go. I rest my case. :)

Now, for those of you planning a wedding, or really any party for that matter, I cannot recommend this website enough - run, don't walk to This website is seriously addictive! I got most of my birdcages here (I had a few emergency ones to get so I grabbed those at Michael's before they sold out). I love that the birdcages come in a few different sizes if you order a set, so if you're into doing some interesting decor where they're not all the same height, shape, color or style, then go for it! I just wanted to do something unique and something that I could save! Though to be honest, my husband is not so thrilled with the vast array of birdcages sitting atop our dining room bookcase, BUT they made great hostess gifts, or anyone that helped plan any part of our nuptials.

So, once I bought my birdcages, I told my florist I wanted some flowers, branches and greenery inside the cage, but I wanted them all to have different arrangements, and have a rustic vibe - nothing too sweet or perfect. But that's just me! What do I always say? Make it your own! Thinking about it now, it would be so cool to fill these birdcages with twinkly lights and hang a bunch from the ceiling, or in a barn (and yes, I know, that's so cliche these days, but how stunning would that be)!!

I used the birdcages on the round tables we had around the room, but we had 2 family-style long tables towards the middle, so instead of using birdcages, I went the more modern route and bought some simple mason jars (some even had a letter "F" engraved) and had them filled with simple flowers. But again, I used jars of different sizes and colors!

If you've been taking notes, you've already bookmarked and trust me, they have EVERYTHING! So go for it! Whatever you're planning, make it fun and make it unique! Make it YOU!

Happy partying!



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