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What I Wore: Summer Style

It's official...I'm truly sad to see summertime coming to an end, and although I don't have central air, I truly dread the days of bitter cold and practically no sun! So here's another hurrah in honor of beautiful summer - what better way to take in those rays than with a bright floral A-line dress (from Kohl's! But more on that later), and some hot sunnies! And to top it off, I had my gorgeous kippah fall (from Gali's couture wigs) freshly toned, washed and crimped with flowy mermaid waves from my cousin and gorgeous wig magician, Chava Sara. Yup, the hair I've always wanted!

On to the good stuff! Let's take a look at what I wore!

As I mentioned, my dress is from Kohl's, because, well, I just love that store and there are so many hidden treasures, especially when they collaborate with a big name designer, in this case, last summer's collection from Milly for DesigNation! I love that I can get quality designer duds for a fraction of the price, and I don't really care what the name is, as long as it's a beautiful piece of clothing! In this case, Milly's designs were inspired by Capri-gorgeous summery prints and colors! This dress of course looks great on everyone (A-line is so flattering on most body types), AND, it has...POCKETS!! Say WHAT?! Yes, you may already know that I love pockets in anything (it's really too bad my wedding dress was pocket-less), so this dress was a slam dunk in my book. Plus it was on sale, so...ya know...bonus points. ;)

Unfortunately, these designer clans are for a limited time only and since this was summer 2015 (shhh...I'm wearing last seasons styles), this dress is long gone. But stay tuned for another blog post coming up about my new favorite handbag - also from a designer collection at Kohl's (gosh, they should just hire me, right?) ;)

This necklace of my absolute favorites, too bad I don't remember where I got it! I think it was in the clearance section of Nordstrom Rack perhaps (#dangerous, #shoppingshouldbeanolympicsport #onsale). Ok, back to the outfit! The navy cardi -simple, lightweight, and non-competing with the dress is from LOFT. Topped off with these fresh sunnies, the look is complete!

A word about the sunglasses. If you haven't heard of, check them out right now! That's where these shades are from, FYI. The name says it all, 1 pair of glasses is only $12, or buy 2 for $20! I've gotten some funky shades from them and even though they're inexpensive, they've held up for the most part! Maybe a scratch here or there, but c'mon, if you have a pair that lasts a whole season, I think that's $12 well spent!

Happy styling!



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