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What I Wore - Teal Cocoon Dress with Plaid Jacket

Welcome back to Risky Veggie!

Now that the Jewish High Holy Days season is over, I'm back from my hiatus and giving you all more of me!

A few weeks before the holidays, my mom emailed AND whatsapp'd my sisters and me about this company called Wukogals - sisters in LA, making modest clothing for women, how awesome is that? I told my mom I've been following them on Instagram for years (follow them at @wukogals today)! She wanted to treat us and urged us all to pick something out from their website ( and it would be a treat (since she hasn't bought clothes for us in years...not regularly at least, like in High School). :-)

Of course, I loved so many dresses on their site - flowy and cumfy dresses that you can dress up or down. Wear them with leggings, baseball hat and sneakers, or sky high pumps and pendant necklaces. So versatile!

I fell in love with the teal cocoon dress (and my mom being so awesome got me 2 dresses - more to come later on that stunner). This dress is stretchy and literally feels like I'm wearing pajamas, but my favorite thing about it?? It's not hard to guess...let's all say it together now...

POCKETS!! all know I HEART anything with pockets. Ok, moving on...

As you can see, my latest adventure was taking a trip out to a different Kohl's store (tip from my friend Susan) - this suburban Chicago location has true gems! And here's the proof! Love this knee length light plaid cardigan from Elle (on sale, duh)! The only hitch...sadly, those pocket flaps are only for place in that jacket for goodies like snacks and lip gloss.

But see what I did here? Dressed up this casual dress with a more pulled-together jacket? It totally elevates the look from Sunday casual shopper, to Sunday chic!

For anyone looking to score this awesome dress, find it here!

And that plaid cardi from Kohl's? Boo, the plaid is no longer available, but find it in blue and black here!

Happy shopping!



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