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Unique Wedding Photos Display

Those of you who have experienced the joy (and potential stress) of planning a wedding, know what it's like to peruse through thousands of proofs and decide which ones to frame, to put in the album, and perhaps discard (because the angle of your face is totally unflattering, even though the photographer assured you it would be beautiful).

I'll be honest, I had kind of mixed feelings about my wedding photographer (if you'd like to know who I used, send me an email on my "contact me" page). I was in love with many of the photos, and then some (though the idea in my head was cool), in reality, were not so great. But yes, just like every other bride out there, I wanted to look my best in every photo.

Okay so I hated some photos, big deal. I still had over 1,000 proofs to find some that I loved, and I did. But that was just the problem. Was I really going to frame ALL of these? And how? Big walled frames? Tabletop frames? Photos for the wedding album? My very patient husband spent 2 hours with me as we picked out each and every photo for our album. But some photos just didn't make the cut. And how could they? Our budget was not well suited for a 50-page album. Alright, so you get my drift here. I still had plenty of photos that I loved and wanted to display but how would I do that without spending a gazillion dollars and taking up precious wall space? A little note here - I've been living in my apartment for almost 11 years, so it's safe to say that my walls are filled with well positioned wall art and photos, but sure, I have rearranged things, though let's not get carried away here...

Back to my dilemma. Ah, and here comes a great solution!

Raise your hand if you've heard of "Minted"? Oh you have?! is a fantastic website to use local artists to make some unique art but they have such a plethora of projects - gold foiled map prints, to DIY photo collages, to stationery and wedding invitations (and MUCH more)! So, as you can guess, I decided on the heart-shaped photo collage, uploading my favorite wedding photos and chose a beautiful herringbone wood frame. However, two things to note. Clearly I didn't proof my project enough because I ended up with 2 of the same photo in the collage (bonus points if you can find it???) AND I must not have measured beforehand because I expected the frame to be a lot bigger (I got the 11" x 11" size, with the "whitewashed herringbone"). The one caveat is that is is quite pricey, but overall I was extremely happy with how it turned out and this way, I was able to frame many more photos in a style that was all my own!

I highly recommend checking out for all types of printed projects and especially for wedding photos. I'm especially obsessed with all of the foil stamped wall art, so who knows, maybe I'll be coming back to them for something else. Maybe a cool map, because I love anything to do with maps, globes, atlases - you name it! Enough of that tangent for the moment. This should be enough inspiration for you all, aye?

Happy collage-ing! (I know, I just made up a word...just go with it). :)



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