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Home Decor Inspo - Bar Cart

Raise your hand if Ikea gives you anxiety? (Me)! Okay, I meant that in the best way possible (if there is such a thing). Personally, my Ikea experiences are filled with massive amounts of people, screaming kids everywhere, cart-crammed hallways (usually zeroing in on the giant bin of batteries, or tea lights, or random kitchenware). And there's me - coveting WAY too much while I try to write down the item number on those tiny pieces of paper with those mini golf pencils - you know what I'm talking about. And don't even get me started on finding your box and schlepping it on your cart and somehow, magically try and make it into your car (oh, you didn't rent a U-Haul?). HA!

Alright, so my shopping experiences at Ikea may not be the most pleasant, BUT...there are so many Ikea finds that I'm just in LOVE with. Take for one - this bar cart. You may have noticed over the past year that bar carts are everywhere. I happened to spot one at Costco recently that was a cool slate gray with four shelves, albeit very convenient (but I like my teal one better). Ikea find was a fantastic price (under $50, YES), so that's good product + good price = win/win? :) And for the record, I'm not getting into the whole issue of Ikea's quality. I've had coffee tables that haven't lasted, but I have great nightstands that have lasted me years. And my dining room hutch is from Ikea too stay tuned for a post on that to come later). So do your research and find what you like best, just note that you'll have to assemble all of the furniture (and why do we always end up with random screws leftover? Hmmm).

Back to it. I love the versatility of this cart and yes, not just because you can literally roll it everywhere around your house, but there are such great uses for it. If I didn't have my cabinet in my bathroom, I would use this cart to store toilet paper, bath towels, make-up, you name it. And because you can position the shelves where you want them, you can make them higher or lower depending on what you're storing.

Want even more ideas? How about using bar carts as nightstands? Use in kids rooms for toy storage? Place one in the pantry to store canned goods and snacks, and maybe actually use it to store your booze - like I did! It's obviously very convenient for parties, that way you can "roll" the drinks to your guests and clean up is easier too since it's all stored on the cart anyway. :)

What would YOU do with a bar cart like this? I would love to hear your ideas! Comment below!

(Just wanted to point out that I utilize every single inch of my bar cart - as you can see, I stack bottles of tequila on top of one another but I also added in 2 horizontal wine racks so I would like to think that I can get more storage out of it, but in reality, I already had these and didn't necessarily want to get rid of them, then again, I have another wine rack on my dining room buffet. So feel free to judge my placement of random bottles in there however you want, ha).

Happy decorating!



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