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DIY - New Uses for Tomato Cans

I have to admit something to you all. I've been feeling a bit “blocked” lately. I know my blog posts don’t all have to be “epic” or chock-full of life changing tips and tricks, but I felt stuck ever since Passover. I need some rejuvenation! Hopefully the beautiful weather will bring me back to feeling like myself again, so I give you the best of Rachel! Granted it’s cold, rainy and windy here in the windy city. Oh well…I’ll get there. I went through my other blog (have you seen my collab blog with friend Daniel, If not, check it out, it’s pretty awesome if I say so myself) and found THIS. A can of tomatoes.

Uh, why is that so special?

This is so simple – and probably what I needed to get back into the groove of things and back to a “normal” schedule (no clue what that means, ha). But really, here’s the deal. They’re cheap, they’re versatile and gosh darn it, those cans are cool. When you don’t want to fuss with getting fresh tomatoes – maybe they’re not in season or you just don’t want to potchke with it, get some canned ones! Organic, San Marzano, chopped, pureed, whole peeled, tomatoes with basil and garlic, fire roasted – use whatever! I personally like the whole peeled because it’s just that – just whole peeled roma tomatoes in their natural juices. You can roast them, chop them, cook them down into a marinara sauce, tomato soup…shall I continue? :) (Also, just a side note, I do prefer the brand Pomi, just because it has nothing by tomatoes as the ingredient, nothing else added to it). I just love having a few cans handy when I want to whip up something quick without a ton of effort.

I’m all for making things from scratch and playing around in the kitchen (which I love of course), BUT I’m all for shortcuts and using some pre-made items to make things easier in your life, especially for you busy moms. What did I end up making with the extra tomatoes I had lying around? I made Moroccan salmon! Stay tuned for that recipe coming soon - YUM!

Remember when I mentioned how cool those vintage-looking cans are? Why not use it as a vase instead? (pause for reaction).

That’s right, you heard me. Rinse ‘em out, and fill them with a little water and some short flowers – since the base is wide, you’ll need flowers that are cut pretty short and enough to fill the opening. I filled one can with white roses that my husband gave me for our 4 year anniversary that was on Friday, and the other with white ranunculus from Trader Joe's (one of my all time fav flowers), but use what you have! And here's a new idea - if you're having a BBQ or an outdoor wedding, use these cans as vases for the tables (and maybe use the actual tomatoes inside for a dish, like gazpacho, or homemade sauce for grilled pizzas). Cheap and easy - BAM!

As you know, I love taking unexpected items, or simple household things and re-purposing them into something special and unique! Of course there are MANY uses for cans (I mean, who didn’t have a coffee can filled with coins in their parent’s room when they were growing up? I know I did!). Want an update in your home office without it looking like Office Max threw up everywhere? Bring in a personal touch by using a smaller tomato can filled with pens and pencils! You can also fill them with indoor plants (just make sure you have a drainage hole in the bottom).

So you get the idea, TONS of uses for them – I just love to showcase pretty fresh flower (or fake!) in these vintage-looking inexpensive everyday items!

I’d LOVE to know your input! What are some things around your house that you’ve repurposed? Again, shout out to Real Simple because the “new uses for old things” is still one of my favorite sections.

Happy re-purposing!



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