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Jamberry Nails – Metallic Rose Gold & Black Floral

Happy #MANIMONDAY! Well, here I am, finally doing a post about some Jamberry nail wraps! I know it’s been a while since I posted about this, but fear not, that’s about to change! I will be posting about all of my favorite Jam photos, and offering my best tips and tricks to give you a flawless application, removal and helping to keep your nails super healthy! This is a “Jamicure” I did a while ago – January to be exact (yes, Jamberry manicures are referred to as “jamicures”).

I wanted something light and fresh to start off the new year, though I love a good dark manicure, I wanted to mix it up a bit. I’m wearing a Jamberry lacquer called “It’s all roses”, a shiny coppery rose gold, which was actually the December Color Pop exclusive! Color pop is a monthly lacquer that Jamberry features on their website each month, so you’d only be able to get this lacquer in December, so be sure to check the website now to see May’s Color Pop! I’ll be honest – this lacquer was a little tricky to apply, it was thicker than I expected and though all of Jamberry’s lacquers are 8-free, with NO harsh chemicals, they’re always pretty concentrated so you really only need 1 coat, but it felt a little gloopy to me. Or I just need some more practice with their lacquers, since I have the most experience with the wraps.

And for the accent nail? Well, sorry to share that this wrap “Sweet Nothing” is retired. But don’t worry, there are TONS of floral wraps always on their website!

Okay, now for the best part – my tip for today!

Today’s topic: NAIL PREP

  • Make sure to remove ALL oils from your nails prior to applying your wrap, gel or lacquer. This is essential for a long lasting jamicure! Wash your hands with a grease cutting dish soap and wipe each nail with rubbing alcohol (I like using the pre-soaked alcohol wipes you can get at the drugstore) to be sure all oils, lotions, residue are gone. Do NOT use any removers that have moisturizers or conditioners.

Interested in learning more about Jamberry nail wraps? Contact me for a sample!

You can shop anytime, anywhere on my Jamberry page:

Happy jamming!



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