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Jamberry Nails – Black Floral Birds and Metallic Stripes

I'm here again, with my #MANIMONDAY post! Hope everyone is enjoying a safe and happy Memorial day!

Alright, truth time. I’m in love. This may be one of my favorite Jamicures ever! The black floral I’m wearing is the “Sister’s Style” from January, called “Happily Humming” and I couldn’t have been more obsessed. What is “Sister’s Style” you ask? Well, Jamberry was started by 3 sisters in Utah (yes, they are Mormon), and each month, the sisters design a special wrap that’s available for that month only – so you better get it before it’s gone! I saw this wrap when it was launched Jan 1 and I knew I had to get my hands on a sheet (or maybe 2…since you never know if you’ll have a wrap emergency). :)

I paired the wrap with a Black Friday exclusive called “Cool and Calculated” – a nice contrast of floral and bird prints mixed with a graphic gold metallic striped wrap as an accent nail. Although these specific wraps are not currently available, I’ve pulled together some similar options for you!

Side note - take a look at Jamberry’s photo of “Happily Humming” and check out my recreated version (on the left)! :)

And here we go - time for my tip of the day!

Today’s topic: HANDLING! (say WHAT?)

  • Do not touch any part of the adhesive on the back of the wrap with your fingers! Instead, use and orange wood stick, or tweezers to lift up the wrap before placing on your nail. The oils in your skin can compromise the effectiveness of your wrap – and we don’t want that to happen!

As always, click here to order ANYTIME!

Do you have friends or family that you think would love to try some nail wraps? Drop me a line so I can send them some samples!

Happy jamming!



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