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Jamberry Nails - Summer Brights

Happy Monday everyone! Here again with my latest Jamicure post! So it seems like summer is finally HERE – albeit crazy hot and humid here in Chicago. So in honor of the steamy hot weather, why not wear some hot colors on your nails? This was a Jamicure I actually did back in November…only because I was heading to Miami for my annual Thanksgiving trip to see family and I needed something fun and bright and cheery – although no one is saying you can’t wear bright colors in the winter. I actually prefer wearing color all year round!

When it comes to picking out my wraps, my problem is that I have too many choices (enter "eek" emoji, ha). I have way too many nail wraps (granted, I have been using them for 2 years), so to help make my decision, I went straight to my customers! I did a poll on my Facebook group (drop me a line if you’d like to added to my group called “Rachel’s Jam Session”) and asked my Jamming friends which pairing I should go for. And this was the winner (and luckily for me, it was my favorite pairing so I was hoping they’d choose that one)!

I love pairing a bright pattern with something a little more simple and using that as the accent, which I feel is a bit underrated. You can do accent nails using any color (as long as it sorta fits in with the color palette of the other wraps and you can do your accent on any nail and any number of nails). Why not have fun with your nail wraps?!

On my nails, I’m wearing a colorful wrap from last year's Mexico constituency called, “Hacia el Sur”, ("To the South" in Spanish), accented with “Ascent” AND, if that wasn’t enough, I topped the accent nails with Jamberry’s 3D Design Dimensions! They are little gems in different shapes and sizes ("Mixed Metals" in gold and silver) that really only work if you use Jamberry’s Tru Shine Gel (it needs to stick to something, so it won’t just work over wraps, or even lacquer – the gel helps it really adhere to the curve of your nail). It’s funky and original – just like me…right? :)

If you’re in love with these wraps, you’re in luck! They are BOTH still available on the Jamberry website (yay for not retiring these wraps yet).

Hacia el Sur


Design Dimensions - Mixed Metals

And as usual, - time for my tip of the day!

Today’s topic: SIZING!

  • When choosing which size wrap to use, ALWAYS err on the side of too small. You do NOT want the wrap to touch ANY skin or cuticle. It’s best to leave a small sliver of nail around the wrap. No one will ever notice! #embracethegap

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Happy jamming!



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