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Wedding Outfit Inspo

Well. It's here. Wedding season, that is. Granted, in the Jewish world, it’s ALWAYS wedding season! :) I have a few friends that asked for my help in picking out some outfits for some upcoming weddings they are going to. But before I show you what I came up with, I can tell you that I created these customized style boards through the app "Polyvore" - you just find all elements of an outfit and click and move it around to curate your perfect look! Here’s what I came up with!

Let’s check out “Lisa’s outfit” (shop this look here - and you can always find these boards on my Pinterest page @riskyveggie)

My friend Lisa (who, by the way, is invited to SEVEN weddings this summer - including wedding showers and bachelorette parties), seemed a bit tired of her “go-to” wedding outfits that she’s worn for the past few years, though there’s nothing wrong with recycling your outfits (and if it’s a different pool of people, no one will really know – unless you post photos on social media, and then…you may just be charged with committing a fashion crime). HA! Lisa is young and vibrant and because it’s summer, I didn’t want to put her in anything heavy and even if these aren’t outdoor weddings, I didn’t want to put her in a gown – unless she’s IN the wedding party, that’s a different story.

The skirt was the closest I could find in what she already had in her closet and wanted to pair with. A classic pencil skirt in a bright, cheery color – this neon pinky-coral color is a knockout for so many occasions!

I gave Lisa two options for shoes. One is a little more muted, but sling backs are all the rage this season, so I gave her that option, in a neutral black and white that she can wear with other outfits to other weddings and will match to anything. The other is my personal fav – a classy pair of floral pastel pumps. Yes, floral is ALWAYS in season during warm weather, but I just love a good printed shoe and since the rest of the outfit doesn’t have any print, this is where I wanted her to have that pop of fun!

With the jewelry, I went with some funky gold and rose gold wrap bracelets and this denim and silver bib necklace. And this metallic envelope clutch?! OY…I am just in heaven!

And now, for “Chava Sara’s outfit” (shop this look here):

My friend Chava Sara has a family wedding this summer and she already bought this skirt – she just needed some ideas of what to pair it with. Honestly, it can be tricky looking for something modest to pair with and since the skirt is bright and colorful, there’s no way I’d put her in a boring black top (not that there is anything wrong with that, it’s just not her). This top I love because I thought the lace would be an unexpected pairing with the flowy-ness of the skirt – yes it’s feminine, but she can rock that – but I paired it with some harder elements to break it up a bit. And I love that I'm giving her separates – she can wear the lace top with a black pencil skirt for Shabbat, or even to another wedding, in any season!

The clutch was a no-brainer. She’s obsessed with butterflies, so that was it. Done. Mic drop.

Back to the “tough” part of the outfit. The ensemble is very feminine, so the shoes had to be a little bit harder, a little tough. Nothing too sparkly or frilly. I love these black wedges! They have a platform that will be way more comfortable to wear, as opposed to pumps, since the platform gives a bit more even foot support (but only your podiatrist can vouch for how really good they are for your feet). :) Sure, she can bring a pair of shoes to change into, but these are more dramatic. And I love the white floral design – just a subtle nod to the floral on the skirt, you’ll get a peek of the shoes as she walks. One note – just make sure the length of the skirt will work with the shoes. It’s a little pet peeve of mine when someone doesn’t have the right length on their dress, either it’s too short and just cuts off the leg line and looks awkward, or it’s too long and then, well, your skirt becomes a duster.

I went a little bit more dramatic lip as well – going back to the feminine aspect, I didn’t want to do something too girly, so a nice matte red lip (ironically, I added a matte red lip for Lisa too), it’ll be a nice touch with the purple and pink but she won’t look like she’s wearing too much. I WAS on the fence about the jewelry. Since the sleeves are a little shorter (she can wear a ¾ length shell underneath for modesty), I wanted to add some gold bangles. But…the necklace MAY just be too much. Honestly, it’s just hard to know sometimes without seeing the entire outfit on someone. So I’m making the necklace optional. But yet again, I ended up choose the same necklace for both outfits! Maybe my brain is telling me I need this necklace for ME! :) Who doesn’t want a pretty sparkly necklace to add some pizazz to their whole look? Plus, I LOVE the blue denim ribbon – what an unexpected twist, aye?

Add some fresh perfume, maybe wear your hair slicked back in an up-do, so you don’t distract the outfit and you’re good to go!

Here are 2 more looks I created! (Shop these looks here: Outfit #1, Outfit #2)

These are some lookbooks I created that may be more appropriate for an outdoor wedding, although you can dress both of these outfits up or down depending on your accessories. I like the idea of doing something a little different for a wedding, using lots of print and color, because why not? Clearly the bride is wearing a specific color (and duh, that would be weird and inappropriate to wear white at a wedding), but you should feel beautiful AND comfortable of course! Whether it's an outdoor wedding (where it could be hot), or black tie, mix it up and play with your outfit! I'm a big believer that fashion "rules" are meant to be broken because at the end of the day, if you love it and it makes you feel good, wear it!

Do you have something in your closet that you just don’t know what to pair with? Let me help you with a customized wardrobe consultation! You can book an appointment with me online anytime (I even do consults via Skype)! I'll create customized lookbooks - like these options, but tailored just for you!

Happy wedding season!



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