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Summer Jamming

Happy August and happy #MANIMONDAY! I'm sorry I've been so M.I.A for a while, but thankfully I've been so busy with Jamberry parties and acquiring new customers that unfortunately I've neglected my Risky Veggie blog! :( But not to worry, I'm back in action! And what perfect timing! In case you're not already on my Jamberry monthly eNewsletter list, I wanted to give you some info on some exciting announcements!

First off, sadly, Jamberry is retiring some products (including wraps and lacquers) at the end of the month (to make way for some new goodies coming out Sept 1), so click here to check out the "going, going gone" items that you should get quickly before they are gone forever on August 31st! Some of my favorites that will be leaving us are: "deco", "highlander", "golden laurel" and "ever glam" - just to name a few. :) And yes, I have LOTS of favorites (I mean, how could I not, right?)!

Okay, secondly...COLOUR CURE is here! For those of you who are part of my awesome Facebook group, I'm sure you're sick of this already, because I have been raving about this product for a while - mostly because of all of the buzz it's been getting, and yet I hadn't even tried it yet! Colour Cure is completely changing the nail polish game and I can see why - it's basically the best of both a lacquer and a gel! What does that mean exactly? It means it wears like a gel (with the longevity) but it removes like a lacquer! So you won't exactly get a full 2 weeks out of it, like Jamberry's Tru Shine gel system, but you should get about 10-12 days of wear, clearly much longer than a standard mani with any lacquer or nail polish. What I love about it even MORE? No base coat, no top coat = no drama! PLUS, you can wear the clear color on top of your jams for extra longevity (if you don't already use the Tru Shine gel over your wraps, AND you can cure your Tru Shine gel with the new Colour Cure lamp). OMG crayyyyy!

To recap, you just need the curing lamp and your color. Make sure to do your standard nail prep (wash hands with dish soap, push back cuticles, wipe with alcohol), apply a thin coat of the Colour Cure, cure in the lamp for 99 seconds (that's the default setting), apply a second thin coat, apply for another 99 seconds. Wait 60 seconds for the Colour Cure to "set" in natural light and that's it, you're done! No wiping off any sticky residue at the end, and no waiting for any layers to dry. Did I say "game changer" already? :) How to remove it you ask? Just soak a cotton ball in your Jamberry nail wrap and lacquer remove and apply to your nail for about 2 minutes (like I said, a cross between lacquer and gel, so it takes just slightly longer to remove than a lacquer). But as usual, no harsh chemicals, all non-toxic, and all 8-free and the lamp and Colour Cure colors are totally safe - even to use on kids.

Seriously...check out the Colour Cure system here! And stay tuned on September 1st for 9 new colors launching when the new fall catalog debuts - so of course, new wraps, products, lacquers, gel and Colour Cure colors. It's going to be HUUUGGEE!

Alright, enough of my rambling.

I know you what to know what I'm wearing in this photo, right? Well...I did some wrap layering here! Yes, did you know you can LAYER your wraps?! The bottom layer is called "brassy love" - which was a "be fearless" exclusive wrap for June - a stunning brassy metallic, and I layered "starstruck", a clear wrap that was so fun and festive for Independence Day! And of course I wouldn't be "slaying" if I didn't show off my "slay all day" clutch from Milly, that came in my spring FabFitFun box! Finished with some sparkly bling, and this is a mani that will be sure to turn heads!

Although "brassy love" is not available anymore, try it with "mirror metallic gold" instead!

And luckily for you, "starstruck" is still ready and waiting for you!

Before I go - here's my tip of the day!

Today's topic: SMOOTHING!

  • Smooth the wrap from base to tip. Once placed, apply heat for 3-4 seconds, smooth the wrap from the base to the tip in the middle of your nail. Apply heat on the side and apply pressure from the middle outwards. Repeat on the other side of the wrap. If you get any bubbling or wrinkling, try slightly stretching the wrap over your nail to smooth it out and apply more pressure.

Do you know anyone that would love to try some Jamberry samples? Email me at with their info!

Happy jamming!



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