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#MANIMONDAY - Design your own nail wraps!


Did you all get to go outside and watch the #solareclipse? Hope none of you burned your retinas, eek! How cool was that, right? I didn't exactly plan my wraps around the eclipse, though currently my nails have little birds on them (that post to come later), so I guess that sorta counts, right? I mean, birds fly in the you have it. I guess I could have worn "cosmos", or "among the stars". Oh well, next time. 2024, right?

Little known fact here…did you know that you can design your own Jamberry nail wraps?! How cool is that? I’ve designed a few wraps – if you recall, I did a special design for last year’s KC Kosher BBQ competition (cow skulls and flowers). I even took a photo of my wedding bouquet and turned it into nail wraps!

This design was not quite one I came up with on my own. A few years ago, I was flipping through Allure magazine (#mybible) and I came across a funky color-blocking stripped mani that I just fell in love with – so much so that I ripped out the page and saved it for later. This was well before my time in Jamberry and little did I know at the time, that I would be using that photo as inspiration to create my own. I guess at the time I was thinking either I would create that design myself, or I would bring that magazine page into my next salon appointment and have them try and recreate it (though it would take a long time). So low and behold, when Jamberry’s Nail Art Studio came along (it was already around when I was introduced to Jamberry), somehow I remembered I had ripped this page out and miraculously, I had found it.

It’s not an exact replica, but that makes it more fun – this is MY version. Something uniquely me. And of course, I added some bling to make it even more 'gram-worthy!

Love this wrap as much as I do? Comment below if you’re interested in purchasing this design!

And of course it wouldn’t be a #MANIMONDAY post without my “tip of the day”!

Today’s topic: LIFTING AT THE TIPS?

  • If you get some lifting at the tips, make sure to file off the excess in a downward motion only in a 90 degree angle (never side-to-side, otherwise you’ll get lifting), or you can use nail clippers to remove the excess. Then, take a buffer block or glass nail file and buff at a 45 degree angle – this will remove any rough edges, because like me, we all use our nails as “tools” so you want a tiny sliver of your natural nail showing, not the wrap overlapping (again, otherwise you’ll get lifting).

  • A few days after you apply your “jamicure”, apply more heat and pressure and use the filing/buffing trick mentioned above!

Don’t forget to check out the “Going, Going, Gone” products on Jamberry’s website, before these beautiful designs are gone on August 31st, at midnight!

Happy jamming my beauties!



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