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Friday Favs - end of summer staples

Happy FriYAY! Okay, it's offish...I’m starting a new holiday – “Friday Favs"! Check out my reviews of my latest batch of favorites, perfect for extending that “end of summer” glow!

Marc Jacobs Dew Drops Coconut Gel Highlighter:

This highlighter is fantastic and you really get your money’s worth! I find that with some highlighters I really have to press it into my skin and apply a lot just to get it to show up, but this is super concentrated, so you really just need a tiny amount – when I say tiny, I mean, like half a pump to highlight your entire face. I kid you not. It does dry fast, so make sure and blend it quickly, but you really want to be careful and not use too much, otherwise you’ll look way too shiny. You could blend in a little bit into your foundation for a nice all over glow. Now that I have the application method down, it’s so easy to apply with one fell swoop and I don’t end up looking like a disco ball on acid! EEK! No one wants to be blinded by your strobing (although the word “strobing” is fading out quick – pun intended). Yes, it’s pricey. But like I said, you get your money’s worth. Plus, it smells like coconut and summer air. :)

Tarte Shape Tape Contour Concealer:

I’m sure many of you out there have tried countless of under-eye concealers and to no avail – they just don’t cover the dark, puffy red under-eyes you may be dealing with. For years, I was obsessed with Yves Saint Laurent’s “Touche Éclat” and although it’s fantastic, it is pretty pricey. But when shape tape came on the market last year and got so much buzz, I had to try it – and not only can you use it as a spot concealer but also for contouring! Talk about a multi-use product, right? I must say, it blends so seamlessly and doesn’t crease or get cakey, or dry up under my eyes. And though it’s not as cheap as a drugstore brand, a little goes a long way. You can also blend a few different colors to make a customizable concealer! You can pick it up at Sephora, or Ulta!

ELF Shadow & Liner Duo Stix:

Now THIS one is exciting. I’ve been using MAC eye kohl since high school – specifically the sparkly brown shade in “Teddy”. It’s been a go-to staple of mine for that long, and even though I still love it, I was impressed with this dual-sided ELF eyeliner (it has a shimmer and a matte version) but especially because of the under $5 price tag – I mean, c’mon, you can’t beat that! I seem to always have a problem of runny eyeliner, even if I’m just wearing pencil and I use make-up setting spray, I usually find that it migrates south to underneath my lower eyeline area. Although this eyeliner isn’t perfect, it pretty much stayed put all day, from 5am to 9pm when I’m ready to take off my makeup (that’s a long time for it to stay put). And I love the 2 options. The “shimmer” version isn’t a pre-teen glitter goop eyeliner, it just gives a subtle hint on your eyes, while the matte is a little nicer for a smoky eye or when you don’t really want too much shimmer. All in all, a great eyeliner option at an amazing price. Side note – it comes in black and nude as well (the nude is great for lining your waterline to make the whites of your eyes really pop and look well-rested).

Ouai Hair Oil:

Ah, so many hair products out there, too overwhelming to choose. This is a newer brand that was started by a celebrity hair dresser and after trying some samples products, I am loving this hair oil (there is a rose oil but this one I’m referring to is the original one). What’s nice is that you can use this on your hair and skin, and not only does it smell heavenly (it actually reminds me of my grandma’s house – I mean that in the best way possible – smells like Florida air, humidity, ocean waves, salt), but it just leaves the silkiest, smoothest shine. And I use this on my real hair as well as on my wigs as a finishing oil – just one tiny squirt goes a long way (make sure to start at the ends and work your way up, otherwise if you start at the top of your head, your scalp will look greasy, and we all know your ends need more love anyway). If you have any leftover oil, you can just rub into your arms, decolletage, anywhere! I don’t like to add a lot of heavy creams, especially to my wigs, but it just gives it that finishing, shiny, frizz-free touch. Try the travel size products first to see how you like it – Sephora makes a great travel kit that includes a few Ouai products, like their wave spray, shampoo and conditioner.

Urban Decay Velvetizer Translucent Mix-in Medium:

I came across this totally by accident. If you want some fantastic make-up tutorials, check out my gal, Gila Schuman Katz, a.k.a “GilaGlam” and you’ll know what I’m talking about. She started using this new cult classic recently and after seeing her tutorial and looking up the reviews online, it seemed to be a winner. When I tell you how finely milled this is, it is truly SO fine. This is a light powder (the instructions say to mix it in with your foundation, but I just use it as a setting powder). It feels like you have nothing on your face, after you do a swipe under your eyes and a dusting all over, post-foundation application. I love that it doesn’t have that “cakey” powder feel and yes, it’s definitely a good idea to always set your foundation with powder. It feels like your just dusting air, it’s just so fine and so soft. The only thing that I dislike about this, is that you can’t close the top where the powder comes out. Some powders have that click dispenser thing (that’s the technical term), so when you’re traveling and it knocks around in your bag, it won’t come dumping out the top. That’s why I like Bare Minerals foundation powder, because you can click the opening so it doesn’t spill all over the top part of the container. But that being said, it is by far the best under-eye and all over face powder I’ve used in a long time, and a little goes a long way so you don’t have to use a ton and break the bank with this one.

Maison Margiela Replica Rollerball Fragrance in "Beach Walk":

I came across a sample of this perfume in the Sephora perfume sampler catalog and I was immediately drawn to this scent. It smells exactly how you would expect – fresh, light, and beachy. Like a mixture of suntan lotion, sea salt, ocean water, and just that outdoorsy smell (like freshly cut grass, but the clean beachy version). I’m loving Replica’s oils, but I started out with just the rollerball before I committed to a larger size. So far, I’ve been wearing it almost daily! It’s great for warm summer days, but it’s nice in the evening too – nothing too heavy, just light for a warm summer night.

Well, that’s it – hope you enjoyed my review of my “Friday Fav’s”!

What’s one of YOUR favorite beauty products and why? Comment below as I would love to hear from you!

Happy beautifying!



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