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#MANIMONDAY - a nod to summer

Happy #MANIMONDAY! Well, sadly it feels like summer is really coming to a close. After all, labor day is next week. As sad as I am to see summer go, I really do love fall clothes, the smell of apple cider, bright orange leaves and no more sweltering apartment.'s to one last #summerhurrah before we head off into the autumn sunset.

I'm taking this one back a bit - to Independence Day 2016. This may have been one of my all-time favorite manis and it truly is the epitome of #summernails. Nothing says 4th of July of course like red, white and blue wraps, but I didn't want something predictable, rather a nod to our country's colors in fun and tasteful patterns.

But here's the kicker. This plaid wrap I'm wearing - called "Highlander"? It's one of the "Going, Going, Gone" wraps that will be gone forever come September 1st, but you still have a few days to get your pretty manicured hands on it. The navy striped wrap is called "free spirit" (I'm wearing the other accent nail on the sheet), and yes it's navy, not black.

You've seen some of my favorite Jamicures, so I want to know, what is YOUR favorite Jamicure? Doesn't have to be mine, haha. Just Google your favorite and post a photo in the comments below!

Here we go - here's my #MANIMONDAY Jamberry tip!

  • Did you know that you can split a sheet of wraps with someone? Maybe you don't want a full sheet of wraps, so you can cut the sheet down the middle and split it with a friend! I do that all the time! :)

Are you a newbie to Jamberry and have lots of questions, specifically about application or removal? Don't be shy! Drop me a line at or comment below! I'm here to help YOU get the perfect application and I have solutions for pretty much anything!

Or, if you're a Jamberry pro, comment below with YOUR best Jamberry tip! I've learned so many great tips from my customers and fellow consultants. It's because of you all that I continue to do this. :)

Happy jamming!



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