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#MANIMONDAY - Metallic Madness

I know all of you are eagerly awaiting Monday’s to check out my latest #MANIMONDAY post! Ha! Okay, well let’s be honest – no one loves Mondays, but my goal is to bring a little bit of brightness into your way. And what a perfect Segway into one of my recent “Jamicures” that I am just swooning over!

If you are on my monthly Jamberry e-Newsletter, (and if you're not, send me an email so I can add you to my list), you may have seen that Jamberry came out with a special edition of glimmer metallic wraps called the “Crystal Glimmers” collection – featuring 5 unique nail wraps and each design is inspired by a different crystal’s rare shimmering color. And let me tell you, looking at a photo online does not do them justice. They are insanely gorgeous in person. One of my customers was equally obsessed and we decided to split all 5 of the wraps! I love that option, to split wraps with a friend to save a little on cost but you still get plenty of use out of a half sheet of nail wraps.

So, “Garnet Glimmer” was my first choice and that left me with the obvious dilemma of what to pair with it (#thestruggleisreal). And yes, the jamicure would have been stunning if I JUST wore that one wrap, but you know me, I always like to mix it up and add a little funky style. J

Lo and behold, I found the perfect match – “Masterpiece” has the perfect complimentary metallic colors to go with Garnet Glimmer – even down to the shade of purple. Then, I added an oldie but a goodie (retired, sorry), a horizontal metallic silver stripe. Added a layer of the clear ColourCure coat over my wraps – cured and good to go. Done and done. Oh, and message me if you’d like to know more about ColourCure – it’s a mesh between a lacquer and a gel and it’s un-freaking-believable and a total game changer.

And as always, it wouldn’t be a true #MANIMONDAY without my Jamberry tip!

  • Did you know that ONE sheet of Jamberry nail wraps is good for TWO manicures, TWO pedicures…PLUS accent nails?! Talk about getting the most bang for your buck!

Want to score these wraps from the Crystal Glimmers Collection? Click here to view all of the stunning designs!

Happy jamming!



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