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Fall Fashion Staple - the versatile jacket

I love fall. "Jacket weather", I call it. I prefer to wear some sort of layers, and not have to worry about sweating buckets because it's a thousand degrees outside (and of course, as I like to say, there's only so many layers you can take off). So this week, it really does feel like fall (even though it'll be back in the 70's here this week in Chicago, but I'm not complaining, I'd rather have 72 than 22 and snow).

What I love most about jackets is their versatility. It’s such a great layering piece that can go from casual, to business (and on to the bar)! I also love how figure-flattering jackets can be. A classic button-closed blazer that nips in at the waist is so flattering on all body types, because we all know that accentuating the smallest part of a woman (typically the waist) is always a good place to start. And of course there are all sorts of jacket styles – moto jackets, blazers, bombers (my current fav), cardigans, etc. But when in doubt, if you’re standing at your closet and have no idea what to wear, why not grab that cute floral a-line or shift dress you have hanging in the sad throes of the back of your closet, and top off with a denim blazer? Or what about dark skinny jeans, a printed blouse and a black moto jacket? Super cool look and very little effort, but only LOOKS like you spent forever perfectly coordinating the outfit. :)

So here’s a little background on this little gem I found.

I came across it on Instagram of all places (dangerous, I know). I instantly fell in love with this embroidered jacket with shoulder rouching and though I was super skeptical about ordering anything online (jackets included, because you just don’t know how it’ll fit across the chest), I bit the bullet and ordered it. And boy was I glad I did.

Ah...but if ONLY this jacket had pockets...things would have gone from great to amazing (everything is better with pockets).

Everything on the website is very reasonably priced and I am so getting my money’s worth out of this beauty. PLUS, it’s machine-washable! WHAT? Just make sure to turn it inside out, and may wash on delicate first, just to be safe, but I washed it (okay, actually, my husband did that load of laundry that week and happy to report this jacket is still in mint condition…whew, crisis averted).

Want to score the same jacket? Get it here (FYI, I ordered a medium and it fits true to size). I've ordered in the past from some websites that are shipped from China and let's just say, the sizing is just odd, BUT, I was extremely happy with the sizing I got in this jacket (and a dress I got too, but it's no longer available), even though I was a little worried when I saw the box was being shipped from overseas. #Youjustneverknow #shouldershrug. All in all, I am VERY happy with Perlanko!

Of course I wouldn’t just leave you with ONE jacket option, would I? Here are some other amazing finds that I put together on Polyvore, just for you all! This will help give you some ideas of some fabulous jacket styles that are perfect for fall (personally, I'm a bit obsessed with that long, gray floral duster coat, and it's only $14, but boo, it's currently out of stock - check out for more styles)! :)

Oh, and in case you’re wondering about my hat…that was part of the Rachel Zoe Box of Style and it was such a fun edition into my summer wardrobe! Also, BIG shoutout to my colorist, my girl, Chava Sara Siebzener for just slaying the color of this Rubi Wig – it’s one of my least expensive wigs and yet it takes color beautifully and I’m in love with it now even more than when I got it a few years ago!

Happy styling!



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