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This week’s top picks for home décor

I love picking out pretend furniture for my make-believe dream house, don’t you? After all, everything is free in my fantasy! So I’m pulling together my top home décor picks for this week and after scouring through Polyvore, I give you my favorites!

Everything here is relatively priced – and by that I mean, shockingly, I didn’t pick out a $15,000 sofa (because knowing me, I’ll just “happen” to fall head over heels for the most expensive thing I can find. Can you trust a girl with good taste? Eh, the jury’s still out). :)

First, let me just say, that even though the temps are dropping and winter IS around the corner (c’mon, let’s get real here, not telling you anything you don’t already know), it doesn’t mean you have to dress up your home with a black, white and gray pallet! Ah, to the contrary, my friends, I purposely like to do the opposite! It’s the same with wardrobe, right? Why NOT wear bright florals in the dead of winter, so it doesn’t make you FEEL like you're in the dead of winter, but with the hope that spring is around the corner? Same goes for my house - I love coming home to bright and cheery colors and for anyone who’s been to (our) apartment, you know how much I love color and print... and just plain fun.

So really, who DOESN’T need a floral loveseat in their house? One that may probably be not so kid or pet friendly, or perhaps comfortable for that matter, but what the hell. It looks cool.

I’m also a sucker for anything with gold accents. And this side table is everything! I love it as a nightstand, or an entry console table or sofa end table! And the drawer makes for the perfect “junk” drawer (I mean, a perfectly organized space for stamps, pens, batteries and paper clips). HA!

Since 2018 is around the corner, why not get prepped now with a charming little “herb and garden” calendar! Perfect to put on your new gold-accented white nightstand!

How adorbs are these sporty puppy prints? So unexpected and whimsical and my taste is a little more “traditional with a twist” and this is definitely a twist. Perfect for you major doggy lovers out there!

And this set of pendant lamps – would be pretty cool over a kitchen bar. I love that vintage-feel they have but with a fresh, modern twist and metallic finishes.

Top it all off with a yummy and cozy black and white plaid throw – because after all, it is October. And also duh, cashmere. :)

Shop for everything here!




Wall posters

Pendant lamps

Side table

Stay tuned for my favorite finds next time!

Happy home decorating!



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