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Fashionspiration - Winter Style

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I hate to admit it, but looks like it’s time to break out the winter coat. Maybe not quite the “sleeping bag” puffer coat, or the full enchilada (hat, gloves, scarf), but the last few days I’ve been sporting one my favorite coats – dark green with gold zippers from (of course) my underestimated favorite department store, Kohls. I’ve had it for years and it never fails me. So it’s no surprise that when I created a new board on Polyvore, I was inspired by true “winter wear”.

This outfit I would expect to wear on a night out, like a Saturday night date. The sweatshirt keeps you cozy, comfortable and casual while the black iridescent skirt amps up the glam. A pop of color in the purse (love me a good red top handle bag) and those BOOTS (c'mon, they're velour)!! Funny, I have almost the exact same pair (and yes, if it’s cold out, wear them with tights) and I love mixing neutrals like black, navy, grey and brown, though I have some friends that would NEVER in a million years do that. My philosophy? Since they are neutral, you CAN get away with mixing them because they go with every color. Take it from my style icon Stacy London who will tell you the same thing. She will also agree with me that adding some texture, like a gold bangle and gold watch are the perfect accessories to tie it all together. :)

Having a daytime date? Add the sunglasses! Spending time outside at night, maybe ice skating? Swap the shades with a soft pink beanie! And of course you can’t go wrong with a smooth, matte vampy red lipstick. Oh and yes, you can absolutely wear dark lipstick during the day – none of the stigma of dark lips at night, fashion and makeup rules are meant to be broken!

Oh and I threw in a cute space-age phone case, just because.

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