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#MANIMONDAY - Coastal Green & Sea Meets Shore

"This is my favorite Jamicure you've ever done". WOW. That was quite a compliment coming from my friend/boss and Jamberry introducer (is that a word?) and I may have to agree with her - it my be MY favorite one I've done too. That says a lot since I've been doing Jamberry for over 2 years.

Before I break this down for you, let me give a shoutout to Costco and my husband Elliott for letting me do a quick "nailfie" in the parking lot plants! Who knew, it would make such a great background! Thanks for the idea, El!

First off, I did NOT come up with this color combo/accent nail pairing on my own. I have to give proper credit to the one and only JAMBERRY, specifically the fall/winter catalog that was released September 1st. The minute I saw the model wearing this wrap called "Coastal Green", this kind of leaf-inspired wrap with rose gold stripes, paired with the ColorCure "Sea Meets Shore" (this sparkly rose gold champagne color), I just knew I had to rock that as well.

As you all know, I am OBSESSED with the new ColourCure system and this made my Jamicure SO freaking easy to do, I just can't get over it. Though I'll also love the TruShine gel, this cuts the time down dramatically and I still get that long-lasting shine over my wraps for a good 2 weeks (yes, even though it's not supposed to last as long as their TruShine gel, I still get fantastic results). With the color, it's just 2 coats, cure in-between and you're done. And one thing to note about curing - Jamberry recently updated their curing instructions and they are saying that it needs to be cured longer, so what I do is the normal 99 seconds (pre-set time) and then add an additional 30 seconds. Then let it sit in "natural" light for 1 minute and you're done. No residue to wipe off (in fact, Jamberry says NOT to use any alcohol wipe on your nails once you're done). You can always add some cuticle oil to hydrate after ColorCure but definitely the next day and daily throughout your Jamicure is the way to go. I happen to love using their cuticle oil pen, which is perfect for traveling because it's in a clickable pen and won't spill all over your bag!

Seriously guys, it's amazeballs how gorgeous this wrap is and even more so in person. Buy it here, anytime online!

And if you're interested in learning more about ColourCure, check it out here! Funny, I didn't even realize until now that the wrap and ColorCure had a tropical ocean-like vibe (with the names, I mean). And now, I want a vacation. :)'s my tip of the day!

  • Try to do your jams at night, after you've showered and washed dishes - this way, it'll give your wraps a chance to "cure" overnight!

Happy jamming!



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