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Friday Favs - Falling into Fall

Annnnnnnddd we're BACK! With my beauty "Friday Favs" that is! Now that the holidays are over, we are now back to our regularly scheduled programming. :) And just in time for fall! Though I never look forward to brutal Chicago winters, I do look forward to those what seems like 5 minutes of autumn here in the Windy City. Just a small window of time when the bright orange and yellow leaves are falling off the trees in enormous amounts and brings me back to childhood, jumping in the massive pile of crunchiness in my front lawn (ha, that sounds gross). But what I love most about fall? Duh...the clothing. I love that crispness in the air, where you can wear a great blazer or trench coat (not yet needing that heavy sleeping bag coat just so your fingers don't get frostbite). I love layering pieces and embracing my long wig hair, because in the dead of summer, I just want hair out of my face - am I right ladies?

So here we are, that brief moment in the seasons where we all slightly change our skincare, makeup and wardrobe to get ready for some chillier temps.

Here are some of my favorites to share with you!

Vaseline Petroleum Jelly

Okay, so you're probably thinking, "really Rachel?! Vaseline???" I know, I know, it's one of the most basic beauty staples you'd find in ANYONE'S medicine cabinet but it's been a classic for so long and that's why I love it. First of all, I use it to remove my makeup. I've tried dozens of make-up removers - oils, gels, creams, wipes, you name it. I've even tried coconut oil to remove stubborn eyeliner and mascara (and believe me, coconut oil is one of my favorites for MANY other things - stay tuned for that later), but I always seem to come back to good 'ole Vaseline. I found that coconut oil surprisingly irritated my eyes a little bit, not that it made them sting exactly, I just found Vaseline to be super gentle and it really removes every trace of all make up (not just on my eyes). Plus, it's a great moisturizer and at only a few bucks a pop at the drugstore for a giant container, it lasts a pretty darn long time before I have to re-stock. No more expensive eye makeup remove for me. Also...of course, it's a great lip moisturizer. I remember my mom yelling upstairs to my sister and me to put on "LOTION AND VASELINE" (sorry mom, you were only yelling because our bedroom doors were shut and who knows how many times we actually heard you, ha)! Yup, every night, she would remind us to put lotion on our hands (sorry Avi, but your dry hands needed it), and Vaseline on our lips. And it just stuck with me. Whether or not I use Vaseline every night before bed on my pucker, there's always a jar in my medicine cabinet and on my nightstand. There's a reason why this old classic is still as popular today as it was way back when.

Especially Escada Perfume

Don't you hate it when your favorite beauty product is nowhere to be found in stores and you think it's discontinued? But then, happily you find it on a little website called Amazon? :) That always seems to happen, when I fall in love with a certain product and then it becomes so hard to find, but power to the "interwebs" for being able to find (most) products...but if they ever discontinue this perfume I will not be a happy camper. I first discovered this gem when I got a sample of the solid perfume in a Sephora gift bag and I just fell in love with the fresh scent. It's not too girlie or floral - it's light and crisp and I always get compliments when I'm wearing it. Granted, I've been an Issey Miyake kind of girl since high school (and I'm still loyal), but when I want to wear something fresh and clean, this is my go-to. I'll wear it day or night, all year long.

Jamberry Nail Wrap and Lacquer Remover

This product really sells itself. As an independent consultant for Jamberry Nails, you'd think that I would just "have" to sell this product and love it by default, but that's just it - I'm obsessed with this in spite of the face that I'm a consultant. I used to remove my Jamberry nail wraps using coconut oil (which don't get me wrong, it's a fantastic moisturizer for your hands and nails) but if you're going to do a new set of jams right away, I would wait until the next day, because we all know that you need clean, dry nails for a perfect application, and well, if you're covered in oil, then it might be a bit harder to get them to last longer than a day. But Jamberry's nail wrap and lacquer remover is amazing because it's a non-acetone remover, so you don't get a harsh chemical smell (I hosted a Jamberry party a few months ago and the woman sitting next to me even said she couldn't smell anything from the bottle and she was surprised because it was right next to her - that's how awesome it is). Subtle, yet powerful. You know the sparkle nail polish that feels like you need a jackhammer to remove it from your nails? This removes it so easily - no harsh scrubbing required. And of course, it removes your wraps! Just break the seal on the side of your wrap, and either soak for 15-20 seconds, or use a rubber tipped cuticle pusher (not the same one you use to apply your jams), dip it in the remover and work the oil under your wrap - it'll come off in one smooth piece (also, check out the refill bottle online). #liquidgold. AND...check out Jamberry's new nail wrap and lacquer remover wipes!!! So perfect for traveling! WQOT!

Mellow Creamy Matte Lipstick

I came across this lipstick in either my Ipsy or Birchbox monthly subscription (back a few months ago when I used to subscribe, sorry, just don't recall which one, ha). I instantly fell hard for this creamy matte lipstick (color is called "nude"). It has a smooth feel and this gorgeous shade of nude/dusty rose is perfect not only for my skin tone but again, a great addition to change up my makeup for fall (this is just the color they happened to send me). It may be a matte lipstick but it doesn't dry out my lips like most matte ones do (and then my lips end up getting dry and cracked because they're not moisturized, so though I like the matte look, glossy is more practical for me since I hate dry lips), so this was a #winwin when I found that is was so hydrating! Plus the price is pretty good too - basically an in-between your drugstore and higher-end lipsticks, at $13 a pop, it's a great color for fall. Also, check out Mellow's eye shadows (I'm in LOVE with their rose color too - more on that later). :)

Happy beautifying!



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