• Rachel Katzman

Fab finds at the Dollar Store!

Here we go again with a new installation of "Friday Favs"! So, I went on a little voyage recently. I had planned on going to the Dollar Store just to get a few items, and an hour and $30 later, I escaped. This has made me come to realize that the Dollar Store has a similar effect on me just like Target. Okay, so if I get 30 items at Target that most likely will be more expensive than 30 bucks (unless you get everything from the dollar section). But I digress...

Initially, my intention was to get some party bags for some upcoming events I had. My co-worker's son is doing a fundraiser for his High School band and I was asked if I wanted to donate a raffle item of Jamberry goodies - and hey, it's a great way to expand my business especially because they live in Northwest Indiana, so why not grow my customer base to a whole new community?! I was also working with a co-worker on party bags for her daughter's birthday party so I created a "sample bag" for her, but ultimately I just needed to peruse and figure out what would work and how I could spend just a few bucks to put together some nice looking gift bags.

In case you're wondering, YES, I did get what I needed...and then some.

And somehow, for some reason, I wandered into the picture frame area (aisle 3 to be exact) and lo and behold...JACKPOT. Seriously though, isn't the Dollar Store underrated? I mean, how ADORBS are these little prints? They remind me so much of some gifts that my sister would have brought back from India and they definitely don't look like $1 items, am I right?

So that's my first win - these prints - check out the photos for all the ones I got (like I said, I "escaped" the store because I was going a little nuts, HA).

On to my next discovery.

These gold tea light holders. If you just saw them on someone's dining room table, wouldn't think they look Crate and Barrel-esque? Oh gosh, now my brain is telling me "go back and get more to create a funky tablescape" (oh right, for all the fancy dinner parties I'm having? Granted I could light candles before Shabbat and use them as decoration...boy am I going on a tangent, right??)

Alright, alright, let's back it up.

Last and final WIN for that shopping spree - these wall decals! When I first saw them I thought I could use them to decorate my pumpkin (okay, well since you asked, I "won" a free pumpkin at my chiropractor's office because I gave someone a referral and I get prizes when I send new patients their way - not just me, everyone who refers people)! I'm sorta re-thinking the whole pumpkin decoration idea, but jury is still out. And as much as I would love to put them on my walls, I have plaster walls and let's just say, they won't look so good on a non-smooth surface. #shouldershrug

So that's it - those goodies plus some gift baggies and boxes, soap and shower liners. BAM. Mission accomplished.

What's YOUR favorite underrated store you shop? I would love to hear from you, so drop me a line below!

Happy shopping!



PS - I decorated my dining room table with a mix of fake lemons, real limes, dried and fresh pomegranate, dried artichoke and dried eucalyptus (one of my fav scents) and a shot glass from my Bubbe and Zayde's house (more on that in a later post). Plus, I purposely didn't steam or iron my folded tablecloth, because I wanted an "imperfect" place setting - some wrinkles, some off-kilter décor, nothing arranged perfectly, but good enough. Because at the end of the day, no one cares if there is a wrinkle in your tablecloth. Unless the Queen is coming to dinner. :)


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