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Holiday Party Chic

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It's that time of year - holiday parties are swirling around in our calendars and it can be totally overwhelming. Do I go? Do I stay home and watch Netflix and be anti-social? What am I going to wear? Too many people to impress, UGH! Well, that's where I come in. And yes, I'm telling you to go. But who am I to judge? Staying at home, watching Netflix in my pajamas is very tempting. :)

Just this past Friday, my office had our annual Christmas party, and believe you me, the outfit was definitely something for me to think about in advance. This photo is with my newest bestie at work, Christine, (sorry your head is cut off, I'm just THAT much shorter, couldn't get us both in the frame)! #shouldershrug

As you can see, I went with a hunter green pleated midi skirt, a black feathery/fringe top, burgundy velvet zip up ankle boots and to top it off, my recently late Bubbe's black and gold Judith Leiber belt. I know she would have loved that I wore it - and wearing a lot of her beautiful accessories.

So when I put together this outfit pairing for a chic holiday party, clearly the trendy pleated midi skirts were on the mind and so many other trends like sequins and faux fur, I just HAD to throw in. One little note - while I may dress modestly, the outfits I put together aren't always - but I want to give you all different options and not just pick out what I would wear, ya? But, I would totally wear this, just maybe with a blazer over that sequined tank instead of just the jacket - I know, I'm getting sidetracked here.

And a few more things we need to discuss here. This bag...these shoes, a whimsical black cozy hat...are everything! I know it feels like I'm throwing a ton of trends at you right now, but metallics, faux fur, vampy lips - it all screams holiday, no matter what "trend" it is. Always a perfect match for this time of year!

And can we just pause for a moment and check out these stunning holiday wraps from Jamberry called "Crimson Crush"?!

Crimson Crush

How perfect do they look with this outfit, right? I'm now thinking I may need to get a set of these wraps before they are gone by Dec 31st! Click on the image to shop these Jamberry nail wraps (and thank you for supporting my business)!

So there ya go! And don't forget to click on the image at the top to shop this entire party look!

Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah everyone!! And happy partying!



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