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3-ingredient Chocolate Mousse

Raise your hand if you want a super simple chocolate mousse recipe? That's what I thought...ALL of you are raising your hands (don't think I can't see you)!

Behold...enter the humble, chocolate mousse (or pudding depending on the consistency). Since I'm eating a somewhat ketogenic eating lifestyle and eating a TON of fat, I've made this my go-to snack if I need something sweet.

And yes, when I say “simple”, I mean simple – as in THREE ingredients. Okay, maybe 4 or 5 if you are really feeling adventurous, but c’mon, that’s still easy peasy. And I looks a bit reminiscent of the poop emoji, but fear not, it is insanely delish. And remember, you can adjust the amount of sweetener to how you like it! You could also make this with heavy whipping cream instead of coconut cream - that's absolutely okay (plus, super keto-friendly, so go for it!)

Here’s the kicker though. You NEED to plan ahead if you’re going to make this. The major key here is to chill the can of coconut milk or cream in the fridge for at least 4 hours (ideally overnight). If you don’t have cold coconut crème, this really won’t work. Trust me. And if you want to make this on Shabbos, that’s easy too – just mix it by hand in a medium-sized stainless steel bowl. Done and done.

I’m kind of obsessed with this mousse/pudding concoction. And like I said, you can add in other ingredients, like extra sweetener (maple syrup would be YUM), some chile powder for an unexpected kick (think Mexican hot chocolate), or sprinkling stevia-sweetened chocolate chips on top, sliced strawberries or raspberries, vanilla extract, cinnamon, OR you can use another can of coconut milk to make some whipped coconut crème.

So let's make it!

First thing's first - remember that can of coconut milk I told you to chill in the fridge for a while? Now, turn that baby upside down. Yes, you heard me. Now open it from the "top" that was originally the bottom and dump out the coconut milk that has sunk to the bottom of the can. What you're left with at the other end is the deliciously thick and creamy coconut creme that has solidified at the top. But don't get rid of the milk yet...keep that on hand in case you need to add it if you mousse is just too thick.

All that being said, I prefer to use organic heavy coconut cream for this recipe, this way, I don't have to save the milk for something else, I just use 1 13.5 oz can that makes approx. 1.5 cups of chocolate mousse.

Here is the recipe, step by step below:

Happy chocolating!



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