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Review: Soap Trio from Pearls of Chicago Salon & Spa

A few weeks ago I participated in a Boutique fundraiser at a shul in Skokie - a room full of vendors selling gifts just in time for Hanukkah. Everything from hats, headbands, jewelry, serving dishes, children's clothing, chargers, Judaica, and me...the Jamberry lady. :) But there was a new vendor this year - my friend Rivka (a.k.a Annette) Berkman, owner of Pearls of Chicago Salon and Spa in Lincolnwood. Offering services for hair, nails, facials and even wigs (washes/sets, color), she's definitely full service with an enormous and impressive array of brands (Davines being one of them - they are a well known brand in the hair care industry, along with RGB nail polishes - all chemical free). Rivka spotted me almost immediately and I had to stop by her booth and oogle at the insanely gorgeous (and all HANDMADE by Rivka herself) soaps and bath bombs, and even a pile of coupons for her salon!

I mean, just LOOK how stunning these soaps are? And if that wasn't enough, the scents alone were enough to convince me to buy a few (plus, she gave me a discount, but ultimately that didn't bring any bias to this review - really)! And as I sit here in my dining room, writing this post, my soaps are displayed on my Bubbe's vintage Passover dish (and that's her soap dish too that I just LOVE), their scent is wafting from literally across the room. What a wonderful way to brighten up my apartment in dreary, cold December!

Now c'mon Rachel, just TELL me what scents they are! Well, here are the actual names - the red soap is "midnight cherry" (cherry blossom), the white soap is "lemongrass oatmeal" and the purple soap (and my favorite) is "violet orchid with calendula petals". They smell pretty but I'm definitely a sucker for pretty packaging and Rivka NAILED it with her flower petals adorning the tops of these handmade soaps. Uniquely scented and just stunning to display in your bathroom (plus, they'd make an amazing hostess gift).

Do you have "smeller ID"  because this smells heavenly!

The soaps also lathered up beautifully - cleansing my hands and leaving just a subtle hint of cherry blossom (the one I tried just a few hours ago and I can STILL smell it on my hands). And I'm left with clean, moisturized hands, with no sticky residue.

Bottom line - check out Pearls of Chicago! I must admit, I've never actually been for a salon appointment, BUT knowing Rivka and of course now her handmade soaps, who knows - maybe you'll see a Jamberry party after-hours there (yay, I love collabs), or maybe I'll treat myself to a facial there too. Who knows, the sky's the limit, right?

Want these soaps for your bathroom vanity? Contact Pearls of Chicago for how to get your (shall I say, unwashed) hands on them! :)

Happy cleansing! And to all my beautiful readers, wishing you all a very HAPPY HANUKKAH and MERRY CHRISTMAS!



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