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Hanukkah Nails

Happy Hanukkah dear readers and happy #MANIMONDAY! And for those of you who don't celebrate Hanukkah, happy almost-Christmas! Just one week away, how crazy is THAT?! So this post comes at the perfect time - Hanukkah nail wraps! Yes, Jamberry is great at making fantastic seasonal wraps - fall/autumn, Halloween, Hanukkah, Christmas, New Years - a wonderful selection for everyone!

I'm sporting this year's Hanukkah wrap called "Light The Night" - a perfect mix and match mani combo but I added 1 accent nail of ColourCure's "Sea Meets Shore" (you know all about ColourCure from my last few posts, a combo between gel and lacquer and SUPER easy to apply with their amazing LED curing lamp).

Just one disclaimer here - unfortunately Jamberry has temporarily suspended ColourCure due to the small amount (2% of customers, to be exact) who have complained of a reaction to the ColourCure polishes. So not to worry, they are taking every precaution and keeping the safety of all consumers at the forefront while they do some more testing and revamping of the product. And remember, you're never going to get 100% of beauty consumers who have a perfect experience. Everyone reacts differently. So, while it MAY be back at some point (currently I don't have info of if/when that could be), ColourCure was suspended as of December 1st, BUT the curing lamp is still available because it works fantastic with our Jamberry Tru-Shine gel!

Okay, enough of my rant, but I had to disclose that info in case you asked about that champagne sparkly nail color on my pointer finger. So now that's resolved, how adorable are these wraps! If you can't tell, the white wrap has a gold Jewish star design! I really did love this year's Hanukkah wrap because it's festive and fun for Hanukkah but it's subtle enough to wear all year round. Nothing smacking you in the face with menorahs, Jewish stars, dreidels - just simple, classy and FUN!

So there you have it! And YES, these wraps along with all of the other holiday wraps are still available but only until December 31st! So if you love any of these, get them while they're still here, just another few weeks!

And of course it wouldn't be a #MANIMONDAY post without a Jamberry tip for you all!

Today's topic is: NAIL PREP - washing your hands with dish soap!

  • When applying your wraps, you absolutely need to have your nail prep down, because if you don't have a clean, dry surface, your wraps just won't stick to your nails - bottom line. So, the first step in prepping your nails? Wash or scrub with dish soap! Yes, any brand of dish soap will work as long as it's a degreaser so it'll remove any residue like oils, lotions, gels, sweat, dirt - you name it! Sometimes I just wash my hands and nails well with the dish soap but most of the time I take a nail brush and scrub away, making sure to wash my hands, and my fingers as well to remove everything so I can get a perfect #jamicure application.

Do you or a friend want to try Jamberry nail wraps? Message me so I can send you some samples!

Also...this photo...I'm wearing this awesomely cozy chenille sweater from the line "A New Day" at Target - like wearing pajamas!

Happy Hanukkah and Happy Jamming!!



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