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A year in review...

My new work bestie Alex said to me recently "I was thinking about you, Rach, wondering how the hell you do everything and balance it all so well." Well Alex, I'd like to thank you, first and foremost for your incredible friendship, and for your love and support. It’s because of dear friends like you that inspire me to keep pushing myself – all while flashing my pearly whites through a fresh swipe of bright purple lipstick. And yes, I'd like to think that I've been able to strike the right balance between my full-time job (fundraising), 2 blogs, Jamberry consulting, personal styling, and wig consulting quite well. But I'm not perfect, and no one is. :)

But really, this past year has been pretty transformative for me. I launched my SECOND blog with my friend Daniel called Meat Your Vegetables in March (seriously, who DOES that??), I’ve received some new wig clients and felt so incredible on helping them find the perfect wig and revitalizing an old wig (think 10+ year old hat fall that we turned into a headband fall – how incredible!!), PLUS, I’ve gotten more Jamberry customers, more visitors to my blog, and my recipes on Meat Your Vegetables are now being featured once a month on The Fellowship’s blog (the organization I work for - the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews – check out the latest post here, my spaghetti squash latke recipe)!

I feel so incredibly lucky to have people in my life that are supportive of this craziness that I decided to embark on. So, HUGE shout out to my husband Elliott who is my cheerleader on the sidelines – my Jamberry and blog “manager” who pushes me to work hard, get more exposure, but also he reminds me that it’s okay to relax and have “me” time. That’s been the biggest lesson for me this year. Being able to admit that not every blog post has to be “epic”, or a gazillion pages long (thank GD), or life changing. It’s about putting fresh content on my site to keep it relevant, but I also don’t have to feel bad if I don’t post every day (yea, that seems a bit much, no?), and the world won’t end because of it. So thank you Ellie, for believing in me when sometimes I just want to curl up on the sofa and watch a movie and not do squat. Because apparently there ARE people who do think I’m pretty fabulous. :)

To my sisters – for always “liking” and commenting on my Instagram photos and for thinking I’m so cool (and for telling all your friends how cool I am – wait, does this feel like high school?) and for always appreciating the food I’m cooking that day (and making my recipes)!

To my customers, clients, family, friends, loyal subscribers – seriously, this is all because of YOU. I read the testimonials that you’ve written about me and I am so incredibly humbled by your kind words. Putting in the work for my Jamberry business, blog posts, and spending time with each of you to take you shopping, consult on your wigs, etc.… it’s all because I truly love it. The number one reason why I decided to do ANY of this was to help women see how beautiful they are and recognize their potential. It’s amazing how the power of a new outfit, a freshly highlighted wig or even some new healthy recipes can make you feel and look your best. And when you LOOK your best, that shows through in your confidence and everyone around you will feed off of your positivity. I know when I'm wearing a chic outfit and my make-up is on point, I carry myself differently – a brighter confidence versus if I were to wear “shlumpy” clothes (let’s be honest, looking shlumpy just isn’t my jam). HA!

As great as 2017 was, it wasn’t perfect. Lots of hardship and stress in my personal life. And then there was of course, my Bubbe passed away in November, but as sad as it was, it was truly a celebration of her life. And as weird as it sounds, I feel closer to her now than ever before (she had dementia so sadly she hasn’t been “her” for a long time), but wearing her jewelry, her belts, her bags, and thinking about our relationship throughout my life and how she had such a profound impact on my style has made me appreciate her so much more. It’s funny when you don’t realize or appreciate things that have affected you subconsciously. It wasn’t until her funeral when I remembered that Bubbe took me to get my first real makeup at the Clinique counter at Von Maur (and no, my previous collection of Dr. Pepper lip smackers doesn’t really count, haha). She was ALWAYS so put together – every outfit was flawlessly accessorized, her trousers and button-down shirts ironed to perfection. Though it may not have been the exact same style that I emulate today, it’s her ladylike chicness that just stuck with me. Having her vintage Fendi handbag in my closet makes me appreciate the leather beauty that much more – it was Bubbe’s and I know for a fact that would have wanted me to have it.

I’m so excited to see what 2018 (#FUTURE) has in store for all of us.

Wishing you all a happy, healthy, and safe New Year!





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