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Lemon Poppyseed Coconut Scones

Hi everyone! Hope everyone is having a great week so far! So for this post, I'm doing a bit of a two-for. Combining two different features into one post, because well, why not (I like to think I make the rules for my own blog, ha)! The first goes without saying - lemon poppyseed coconut scones. YUM. The second - check out this GORGEOUS glass charger! Courtesy of my friend Asher who sells them through his online store Prime Dinnerware - check out their site (FYI, this design is called "Leaf Vein")

But first, these scones. Some of you are aware that I've adopted a ketogenic way of eating and I'm just loving it. I've included intermittent fasting and I never thought that fasting for 16-20 hours per day would give me so much energy and clarity and help me lose weight! Though I'm not the expert on the keto way of eating, I highly recommend checking out Dr. Eric Berg on YouTube if you're interested in learning more. So in any case, it is tricky to make "baked goods" or any kind of "treat" that isn't loaded with carbs and sugar (since on keto, we aim for low-carb, moderate protein and high fat), but these insanely easy and delish scones are a riff from a recipe I found through a downloaded The original recipe is for raspberry scones but since I'm always trying to avoid eating fruit (berries are okay once in a while), I thought why not make some classic lemon poppyseed and throw in some coconut for extra fat! And because I love anything lemon, this was a no-brainer. Here's a disclaimer though - you don't have to make these gluten-free and you don't have to use sugar substitutes - just use the recipe as a guideline and free free to adapt as you wish!

Now for this charger. I must admit, I bought a set of two (not just because Asher gave me a good "friends and family" deal), but because two of these beauties are better. He has some chargers that are more plain, a bit flatter and they're all stunning. So much so, that I stood at his booth (when he sold items at a Hanukkah boutique) for at least 10 minutes trying to decide which one(s) to get. But I kept coming back to this greenish/teal and bronze leaf design. It's so funky and chic - just like me! :) I love serving them on Shabbat with a kugel, or dessert, or maybe even some antipasti - since it has a rimmed edge just like a giant dinner plate, no need to worry about food slipping off. And doesn't it look THAT much better with these soft and chewy (but crisp on the outside) lemon poppyseed coconut scones? UGH, yes, just start shoveling them in my mouth!

So stay hungry and stylish my friends!

Happy eating!



Lemon Poppyseed Coconut Scones

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