• Rachel Katzman

Friday Favs: #OOTD - Pleated skirt w/ faux fur shrug

Do you ever have one of those days where you just have on a great outfit? Ya know, where you just feel like you can take on anything the day will throw at you? We all know that #OOTD (outfit of the day, c'mon, you know the lingo) posts are pretty critical on a fashion blogger's Instagram feed. And this "outfit of the day" is so simple to put together - black top, pleated skirt, ankle boots, faux fur jacket. And um, the jacket was from Target. ON CLEARANCE. For like $20. I mean...who are we kidding here? Life is too short not to shop at Target. :)

Ironically, if you checked out my last fashion post, this outfit is basically the same, just #IRL (a.k.a. "in real life").

First, let's talk about this skirt. If shopping were an Olympic sport, I'd like to think that I'd have several gold medals. This skirt I got a few years ago at Nordstrom Rack. It was a moment of pure insanity. Total "right place, right time" situation. Where I was skimming the sale section and out of the corner of my eye I see this skirt, sandwiched in-between a bunch of random pieces on the portable clothing rack, what seemed to have just come out of the dressing rooms, feeling like a the "rejects". But what others may have seen throw-aways, I found bliss. The skirt is by "Theory" - navy with a bright blue panel on the sides, probably a $300 skirt originally and lo and behold it was my size. And on sale for $70. Not a bad find, especially when it's literally the last one to be found, I felt like this was "Basherit", or "meant to be".

The boots, btw, are also from Nordstrom Rack - good 'ole black Suede Uggs (the ONLY style of Uggs that I would probably wear, although the trendy ones are super cumfy, these are cumfy, chic and they look great with any outfit).

And back to this under $20 black faux fur jacket. Okay, yes, this jacket WOULD be that much better with some sort of closure, OR pockets and sadly it doesn't have either, but fear not, it's still SUPER comfortable and looks way more soft and luxe than you'd expect. I mean...under $20? It would be a crime NOT to buy it!

This look was topped with my blonde Gali's kippah fall - a 70's type vibe and my $3 Celine-inspired shades. Because I look more cool than I really am. :)

YAHOO! Luckily for you, I was able to still find this jacket online! Sorry guys, I got this on sale, but for $39.99 it's still a great buy!

So there you have it - your "outfit of the day" inspiration! I'm excited to start wearing some fun spring florals and post about those soon!

Happy styling!




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