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Avocado love

Avocado baked eggs!

I'm feeling inspired, but also pretty darn silly. Let me explain.

For some crazy reason, I have no recipes on riskyveggie that feature my all-time favorite food - the humble (but glorious) avocado! Thank you to my dear friend Alex for asking me if I did and realizing that in fact, I had not one to share with her! And avocados are one of those "desert island" foods that I would totally bring with me.

Let me express my love for avocados - oh how I love thee so! I mean, what would the meaning of life if we DIDN'T have good 'ole guacamole? Yup, life would be sad and dreary. And what about using avocado's as a vessel for baked eggs (per my above photo)? Or even as a creamy base to chocolate pudding (which, btw, my husband knew instantly that the pudding was "unusual" so the joke's on me I guess for not fooling him). You make a perfect base for smoothies and dips, dressings and cremas and yes, even though you brown up too quickly, alas, I will always love you, my dear friend, avocado.

So...this post is all about the avo! And because Alex thought of me when she saw the word "avocado", LOL. If that isn't a clear indication of my love, then I don't know what is!

Here we go. A few different recipes for you!

#1: Classic guac. Now I know what you're thinking - what makes this guac so different and unique? Well, firstly, even though I love making things from scratch, I do love shortcuts, so sometimes I just don't feel like spending forever dicing up tomatoes and onions. So what's my shortcut? Bottled salsa! Yup, I said it! BOTTLED! Nothing wrong with that! But don't worry, I do doctor it up quite a bit. Adding in some fresh lime zest and juice, some spices and my favorite - cilantro! Of course if you're one of those who thinks cilantro is just so nasty that it tastes like soap, then by all means, omit it. I'll let it slide. :) Also, I weirdly love adding in some homemade (avocado oil, duh) mayonaisse to give it an even silkier, creamy consistency. And feel free to serve with whatever tortilla chips you prefer. Since I've been eating keto/low-carb, I've made my own tortillas and baked them up to get super crispy - link to recipe is here on YouTube (from @ketoconnect).

#2: Chocolate pudding. This one seems weird, I'll admit it. But let's back it up a bit. This isn't just mashed avocado with chocolate sauce poured on top. No no...this is creamy, luscious avocado used as the base for chocolate pudding so it gives you a good dose of healthy fat (and unless I flat out lie, my husband may not know he's eating avocados). It's so simple. Just add 2 perfectly ripe avocados, some raw cocoa powder and a sweetener. You can use pure maple syrup but since I'm eating super low-carb, I switched to "Swerve" and does not spike your blood sugar, and plus it's delicious and a perfect one-to-one swap for sugar (it's on Amazon - both regular and confectioners). And then you can add in vanilla extract, cinnamon, maybe a little almond milk to reach the desired consistency. And that's it! It does not taste like avo, I promise you that - just tastes like super rich and decadent (but healthy) chocolate pudding! And great for kids too! And if you want to make it "vanilla" flavored, you could add vanilla powder, but beware, the avocado will still turn it green, so might be a slight turn off for some people, but hey, what's wrong with green food, aye?

#3: Avocado pesto. This one is a Shabbos table staple for me. It's literally always on the menu when we have guests over and I have my sisters-in-law to thank for that idea! This is also (like guac), one of those recipes that sure, if you want to use fresh pesto for this, great, go for it! But when it's not prime basil-harvesting time and you still want that basil flavor, I love using the frozen herb cubes you can find at any grocery store! Just take a few of those, add a frozen garlic cube, some lemon juice, salt and pepper and mix in avocado and you're good to go. It really only takes a minute to prepare, but my tip would be to thaw the herb cubes ahead of time - not a huge deal but it definitely helps when you're trying to mix everything together if it's at room-temp it's easier to mix everything together. It's always a crowd-pleaser and it's just simple ingredients - just scoop it into a fancy bowl and dip in your challah for a great Shabbos appetizer!

So that's the scoop on my love for avocado! But don't worry, there will be more to come eventually. I'm just finally getting started. :)

And in case you're wondering - yes, these are baked eggs in avocados in the photo! All I did was pit an avocado, slice a sliver on the bottom lengthwise to have it lay flat on the baking sheet, crack an egg in each hole (depend on the size of your avo you may need to scoop out some of the flesh so there's room for the egg), bake for 15 minutes at 350F, or until just the whites are set, top with fresh chives or scallions and a dash of hot sauce! Perfect brunch food, right? Would be great with some crusty bread to sop up the yummy juices that flow out when you break into the egg (or a low-carb toasted English muffin in my case). But the whole idea is to have fun and yes, PLAY with your food! Wouldn't it have been more fun if your mom told you to do that as a kid? :)

Time to embrace the delicious, versatile, creamy and mild - but humble avocado!

Happy eating!



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