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#MANIMONDAY - an oldie but a goodie & new Desert Dream collection

My calendar might say it's spring, but my weather app shows a different story. Did it snow here in Chicago last week? Why yes, yes it did! Was it 70 degrees a few days later and then back to the 40's? You betchya! Okay, enough of my complaining but no one forced me to move to Chicago so I'm the only one to blame here. It's all relative, right? We always complain when it's too cold and of course when it's too hot.

In any case, it's now April so what better time to show off some Springtime nails!

This one is an oldie but a goodie. The black and white floral pattern is my all-time favorite Jamberry wrap - called "Mad Hatter". Favorite. For real. Actually, it was my very first "jamicure" that my friend Kim helped apply on me! That was coming up on 3 years ago and what's so crazy about how awesome Jamberry nail wraps are is that they don't dry out! I've had these wraps for about the same length of time (I bought extra but sadly, they retired this pattern soon after I fell head over heels for it). I keep my wraps in a GIANT photo album and unlike your drugstore nail stickers that have yucky chemicals in them that dry out rather quickly, I take these out of the Jamberry packaging, place them in my photo sleeve and they're good until I'm ready to wear them!

And true to form, I felt the need to pair an accent nail pattern - so stripes it is! It can be tricky to pair a busy floral pattern with an accent nail, but the stripes offer a nice visual contrast and the pink plays off the reddish-pink in the floral nail wraps, so it's a win-win! The accent nail pattern is called "Beverly Hills" - also retired, sadly.

But fear not, since April 1st, there are a TON of new wraps, lacquers, gels and even the newest addition, "Skinnies" which require no heat and made for shorter wear (like for a weekend!) Plus, Jamberry has launched more lip manicure colors AND hair care! So exciting to see this amazing company expand their product line!

But what I'm REALLY digging right now is the new "Desert Dream" collection. Oh Mylanta! So many stunning colors that are reminiscent of the beautiful colors of the desert and bright, warm colors!

You can shop their new interactive online lookbook!

Which nail wraps are you coveting?? Comment below!

Happy jamming!



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