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#OOTD's - Spring Edition

Things are about to get GOOD. The sun is shining, it’s no longer -12 (Fahrenheit, that is), and it means that I’m finally able to give you some real-life “outfit of the day” ideas! Thank you dear friend Alex, for being my personal photographer for these very important posts. You know how I roll. :) So here we go!

Outfit #1: Black pencil skirt, dark floral top (it’s hard to tell, I know), white open blazer and burgundy velvet booties

This here is all about layering. I’ve said it to death I’m sure, but in this weird in-between type of weather, laying is an absolute MUST. It gives you options and keeps your comfort in check when you’re just feeling a bit too chilly to be wearing a t-shirt, but you don’t need that heavy sleeping-bag down coat anymore. I’m all about simple pieces – and believe you me, there’s nothing fussy about this outfit (it just looks like it took more time to put together). We’re just talking about a simple black pencil skirt (this one has faux leather panels on the sides – thank you mom for getting this for me so many years ago, I’ve worn it a LOT), and a dark floral-printed sleeveless blouse (but really, because the skirt and jacket are neutrals, you can do a bright pop of color here, truly anything goes)! This white open-blazer, also has faux leather shoulder detail, which is an added bonus for pulling together the faux leather on the skirt as well. And then for my pop of color – these awesome burgundy-wine velvet ankle boots. On clearance on And since I consider the boots another neutral, next time I’ll wear this outfit and change up the blouse – something a bit brighter, maybe the perfect transitional outfit for fall! But we’re not quite there yet…let’s get through summer first, aye?!

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Outfit #2: Printed silk dress with light blue trench coat, leggings and silver sling back flats

This is another one of these “layering” outfits that I keep talking about. You can’t see it in the photo, but I’m wearing a gray cardigan over the sleeveless dress, with the trench coat on top. This was a pretty chilly day, giving me the option to take the leggings off if it gets warmer throughout the day. And can we just TALK about these silver sling back flats – from TARGET! You’ll start to notice a trend with Target…

The dress is from LOFT, like several years ago, but this light blue trench? Banana Republic FACTORY store – yup, everything in there was 50% off, so talk about #dangerous! Click here to purchase the trench coat!

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Outfit #3: Pink velour pleated skirt, black and red floral blouse, and bright cobalt blue block heels

Okay, so I sound like a broken record, but here we go again with…TARGET. No joke, the skirt AND the blouse are both from there. The blouse was even on clearance so I mean, how much better does it really get?! To be honest, this pairing can be tricky. I love a good pleated skirt, but the shape of the bottom of the blouse is a little “flouncy” and that can create the look of more volume on top than it really looks, so Alex confirmed for me that I needed to do a tight tuck-in with the blouse into the skirt. And she was right. Sometimes the outfit looks great in the mirror and then you see it in photos and think, “wait, why do I look wider than I actually am”? Silly me – I should have ALWAYS gone back to my number one rule – define a waist. However you do that with a belt, a high-waist skirt, or a wrap dress that cinches you in the middle, if you’re set with that, you’re good to go. And these bright blue cobalt block heeled pumps!! I'll be honest, they did give me blisters by the end of the day, but I was still breaking them in from my initial pre-Passover shoe purchase. This pop of color is the perfect addition to any spring wardrobe! These I got at DSW, the brand is Marc Fisher!

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Outfit #4: Hunter green ribbed pencil skirt, rainbow graphic sweatshirt, oversized shades and bright pink heels

This outfit was a total “rando” (or random find) as I’m calling it. I happened to be on Instagram and came across a post that @Eishesstyle posted with this sweatshirt from Zara kids. Yes, you read that right – the “kids” section! So, I happened to be near Zara on my lunch break one day, ventured in and found the biggest size they carried. Because I had no clue how a kids sweatshirt was going to fit, but this one (made for 13-14 year old girls) seemed to do the trick! I love the vintage 80’s feel (I know, I know, 80’s is VINTAGE?!) and paired with my $3 resale shop vintage silver earrings, bright heels and oversized sunnies? This to me, is how you bring back the 80’s (which, btw is a HUGE trend for fall/winter, and yes, I’ve done some serious shoulderpadding lately – that in another post to come). :)

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Happy styling!



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