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#OOTD - floral top, sparkle bomber, new specs!

First thing's first - thank you to my dear friend Alex for upping my OOTD (outfit of the day) looks! Thanks Duff, love you! And now that some housekeeping items are out of the way, let's chat about these new glasses and this outfit, ya?

The specs. To be fair, these are only reading glasses, so that's most likely why you never really see me in glasses, since I only wear them at work (a.k.a. staring at 2 computer screens all day), or reading or perhaps when my eyes are tired. Every year,I go to my eye doc and get my annual eye exam, which then is usually followed by picking out a new pair of frames. Sometimes at the eye doc office, sometimes at eyeglass chain stores, and last year, it was at a boutique glasses shop a block from my office, Custom Eyes (and before I indulge on this year's purchase, let me just say a few things about Custom Eyes - they have a beautiful selection of funky and flattering glasses and sunglasses for all face shapes and though they're not inexpensive, their customer service is exceptional)!

Okay, now on to THIS year's purchase! For the last several months, every time I complimented someone on their glasses, the common response was "thanks! I got them online!" Back up a sec. So you didn't try them on your face first?

Tell me more...

Then, came into my life. I'm not sure where I first heard about them, but most likely from Instagram, or Hilary Duff's adorable line of eye-wear on that sight (yup, I follow her on IG). But lo and behold - a GIANT plethora of prescription eye-wear. I was super overwhelmed. But luckily I knew what I wanted (or so I thought) and know what looks good on my face shape. Then came the fun part - virtual try on! All you do is upload a photo or use your webcam to virtually try on a pair of glasses! That made is so much more convenient, when more than a few times I found myself absolutely loving a pair of glasses...but on my face? Meh, not so much.

And now you may be asking yourself, how does it work with picking out the lenses and making sure you have the right rx? Well in my case, I planned ahead. I asked my eye doc to write down my rx (then of course, had to call the office and have them re-write it because in perfect doctor fashion, I could hardly read it). :) It was so simple the way that glassesusa had the rx laid out on the web page. It answered every single one of my questions, including where to send my insurance info to!

Even though this photo looks like a glasses ad, let's talk about the rest of the outfit! It's really very budget-friendly! This blouse I've had for a few years but I scored it at Marshalls! The rose gold sparkle acorn necklace? That was a Rebecca Minkoff deal from! And my favorite part - this sparkly jacket, AYE! Last holiday season at TARGET! My favorite store ever! :) #literallycanteven #dokidsstillsaythatanymore HA!

So while these specific items may not be available anymore, here are some similar options that I pulled for you!

Here are 2 great options for a sleeveless floral top - and at under $20 a piece, these are GOLD (it's gold, Jerry, gold)! Ah, my husband would be so proud that I quoted Seinfeld on my blog.

Now, the fun part. Some sparkle jackets.

This one...I am crazy obsessed with it. See, that's the dangerous part of searching for outfit ideas for you all, now I want everything too! HA! AND, it's on sale for $40! Personally, I love mixing unexpected prints and materials. Who knew that I could pull off a floral top and a sparkly bomber jacket, ya?

Um, there's also this (second) one I found...a MERMAID bomber jacket - in different colors! You know those "mermaid" pillows that are just EVERYWHERE? The ones with the soft sparkly pattern and when you move your hand over the pattern it changes to a different color? They're still all the rage right now and they've even popped up into keychains and t shirts! And now bombers, eeek!!

So there ya have it! I can't wait to see what you pull together in your next summer style!

Happy styling!



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