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It's been a hot minute... (also major Jamberry updates)!

Hello again! It’s Rachel – remember me? I know it’s been some time since I last shared a post with ya'll, but there’s been so much happening (wait, when ISN’T there so much going on?). I’ve been a bit stressed and overwhelmed at work which will settle a bit next month (slightly, but most of the time I’m overwhelmed – especially working in fundraising). There’s the Indian food pop-up even that has been a lot of work to plan, but my #meatyourvegetables blog partner Daniel Peikes has been such a big help in getting us all organized – since I’ve never cooked for 100 people and haven't done a live demo before, it's all new and exciting! We did a test cook on Sunday which was exhausting but it went well. Got some great feedback from some friends so that’s promising!

But another big reason why I’ve been a little M.I.A. lately is because of some major changes happening in the Jamberry world. For those of you who are in my “Rachel’s Jam Session” group on Facebook, you probably watched my Facebook Live as I discussed a lot of these changes, but my goal is to be as transparent as possible and give as you much info as I have – and there’s a lot that I still don’t know yet. So please, bear with me as I continue to gather as much info as possible and as always, I appreciate your patience and understanding as there is still a lot of unknown information.

Okay here we go. Many of you already know this info, but last month, Jamberry LLC announced it was in foreclosure (I know...#GASP). Luckily though, they were bought by another direct sales company called M. Network. And just to be clear here – this wasn’t an issue with consultants, or customers or even the beloved products. This was an issue with process and efficiencies. But the good thing here is that Jamberry products are STILL available! That’s right – M. Network will still be carrying the tried-and-true Jamberry nail wraps, lacquers, True-Shine Gel and more! Now some of you may be thinking, “well, what about the newest products, like hair care, and beauty?” As of now, those are being evaluated and most likely will not be continuing with M. Network because (and I agree), they want to re-focus back on nail products, since that’s their bread and butter and why I personally fell in love with Jamberry in the first place.

Here are some other quick updates:

  • Stylebox WILL be continuing – YAY!

  • Other Jamberry initiatives like host rewards and monthly ColourPop will be evaluated and M. Network will make a decision on whether to keep those as is, or revise or remove these programs all together

  • No updates as of yet on Style VIP – stay tuned

  • ColourCure - I know you are WAITING so patiently like me for the announcement on the return of colourcure, but nothing yet. I know they're working on something... :)

  • Can you still order directly on my website Why YES YOU CAN! If/when there is an update on a new direct link to order Jamberry products through me, you will hear it from me ASAP!

I know this is a lot to take in, but first and foremost, the Jamberry home office – while they did close down and officially are not in business anymore, the M. Network has been nothing short of fantastic. The CEO has been super transparent and giving updates as quickly as he can, while the teams are working as fast as they can and getting info to the consultants as quickly as they can so that I can inform YOU all! My amazing customers, the reason why I continue to be your Jamberry consultant! And yes, the products will still be labeled with the Jamberry name to honor the hard work that the 3 sisters have done to build and create this company, this brand, and then nails we all know and love. The unknown is scary, of course, but I’ve seen nothing but love and support from other consultants and especially from you all. I’m just so grateful that we will all continue to buy these amazing nail wraps! Because, obviously, THAT’S the number one priority, right? #fancynails are a must. :)

Of course, if you have ANY additional questions that I didn’t cover, please feel free to contact me at or leave a comment below. I look forward to continuing this journey with you all!

As a side note - check out the current August Stylebox! For the August StyleBox, Jamberry is “throwin’ it back” with some favorite summer-inspired designs! It’s unlike anything they've ever done before!

Here's what's being offered for next month!

Classic: 2 M Y S T E R Y license wraps Feminine: Metallic Gold Stripe, Unicorn Sparkles Trendy: Sunset Beach Twist, Trance Queen

As always, you can mix and match your wrap selections, or add all six to your StyleBox.

All customizations and edits must be made by July 25 at 11:59 p.m. MT!!!

Happy jamming!



PS - Want to know what wraps I'm wearing in this pic? These are oldies but goodies - the light floral/whimsical wrap is called "Olive Paradise" from the ColourPop October 2017 collection, and the stripped/gold accented wrap is called "Material Girl" - love that pattern mixing!

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