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New year, new outfit inspo!

What a way to start off the Jewish New Year - 5779 with some fresh new content, am I right? You may have seen me lately posting more on my other blog,, as we had a big pop-up food event in July so things had been pretty crazy the last few months! And with all of the Jamberry changes, I'm doing my best to keep up, gah!! But don't worry, I've got lots of fresh, new content, perfect for ringing in the New Year.

First up - fall fashion! Fall may not be officially here and it's still in the 70's and 80's here in Chicago, but I've slooowwwlly started to transition my wardrobe - think slides and loafers, vs. open-toed sandals. Personally, dressing for fall is my absolute favorite. I love layering pieces - skirts with tights and booties, layers of cardigans and blazers, drape-y scarves and a perfect trench coat for those chilly nights.

Okay, before we get TOO far into fall fashion, I wanted to do just one more end-of-summer-nice-weather-don't-leave-us outfit. This really though is a great transition outfit. The jumpsuit is long sleeve, so it's great to wear on a night out - maybe out on a rooftop bar? And of course, I mentioned slides, so of course I had to throw a pair in there too (btw, I'm completely obsessed with these - slides have become my "thing" last spring)! And who says just because it's post-Labor Day that you can't wear bright colors?! I'm a big fan of breaking those so-called official fashion rules, like wearing white after LD - I mean, c'mon, a perfect "winter white" ensemble is just the absolute perfect thing to wear in winter. Also, florals - please ladies - wear them all year round! Bring some life back into the days when we barely see the sun, ya?

This look may seem intimidating but when you break it down, you have a brightly-colored jumpsuit, and bright shoes. Then, I threw in a neutral every-day bag, some black and gold jewelry and neutral makeup, so it doesn't compete with the outfit, and you're good to go. Jumpsuits are like wearing grown-up pajamas, especially these fabrics like cotton and jersey with some stretch! Not quite your boiling-hot feetie pajamas from back in the day (and okay, it does make it a little tricky to go to the bathroom, but hey, great style comes at a price, right?) :)

So here you are - go ahead and get some serious fashion inspo from this week's look! And start the year off with a serious power look!

Happy styling!



PS - unfortunately, the app I used to create this style (Polyvore) doesn't exist anymore, so I don't have the exact links for you to find these exact pieces, but this outfit was more to give you some style ideas for this time of year. Believe you me, the next outfit inspo will have some shopping links attached, now that I have a new place to create outfits for ya'll!

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