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Bringing in Fall With My Latest Friday Favs!

Glossier You Perfume

Oh, Glossier - how I love this brand SO much. You can only get their stuff from, OR the new store here in Chicago (only in town until October 28th!!), but check out their cute little pop-up here! Gosh, there are so many products from them that I'm obsessed with - like "Boy Brow", "Mega Greens Galaxy Pack Detoxifying Mask", but my newest love is their Glossier "You" perfume. They have it in a spray or a solid (which is great for traveling = no accidental spillage), or you can get a sample in your online purchase. But oh, this perfume smells like...well, YOU, but better! Ya know what I mean? There are 3 base notes: ambrette (warm and homey), ambox (salty and smooth), and musk (long-lasting and irresistible), along with some additional notes of iris root (an earthy and woody note) and pink pepper (slightly spicy and warm).

In other words, it's the perfect compliment to your own body's scent, it mostly just smells like you - and according to, it's "creamy, sparkling, clean, warm. That's you".

Click here to buy!

Benefit Hello Happy Foundation

Any kind of proper foundation can be tricky. Just like the perfect-fitting bra, there are a lot of things that have to be perfect - the right size, fit and comfort. And with your skin, most of us have different foundations for different seasons - typically a more hydrating foundation in the winter, and maybe a mineral, matte, or a lighter formula, and typically darker shade in the summer months. My goal? I always need coverage. True, my skin usually behaves, but sometimes I get those gnarly breakouts, when I'm stressed or during my period or just because I've had too much salt or dairy - who the hell knows, BUT I was so happy to try out the new foundation from Benefit - say "hello" to the "Hello Happy Soft Blur" foundation! I love that it's super lightweight and doesn't feel like you're wearing much, but it provides the best even coverage yet doesn't feel too cakey or mask-like. Plus, they now offer these itty-bitty travel size versions that are just oh-so-adorable!

Want to try out the foundation before you buy it? (Smart plan, btw). Head to your nearest Ulta, Macy's or Benefit store to try on a sample!

Jamberry Nail File

Okay, okay, I know I'm an advanced consultant with Jamberry Nails by M. Network, HOWEVER, truthfully, this is THE. BEST. nail file I have ever used. And I'll tell you that some friends of mine have told me the same thing (even some that aren't Jamberry customers)! It's just a nail file, I know, but here's why it's my fav! Let me put it this way - what do you want out of your nail file when you're shaping your nails (or trimming off the excess nail wrap)? :) You want the right amount of hard and soft - and this nail file has it! It's the perfect "grit", so you don't have to press too hard versus the ones that are either too hard or soft, so either way, you can totally ruin your nails. You just use light pressure and the file goes to work!

I have lots of Jamberry nail files, so if you're interesting in trying one - send me a message here and I'll mail one out to you for FREE, along with some nail wrap samples!

Trader Joe's Rose Oil Ultra Moisturizing Hand Cream

Really...? Trader Joe's? Honestly, I came upon their beauty products by accident - just roaming around the spices section (hello, onion salt and "everything but the bagel seasoning" refills!) and lo and behold, just to my left, I find everything from lemongrass coconut body oil (amazing, btw), to pure argan oil, to face scrubs, soaps and everything in-between. This one caught my eye - not just because of the pretty packaging, but I'm always looking for the right hand cream for transitional weather and one without harsh chemicals in it. I have to say, I'm totally in love with this hand cream. Who knew that I could get my frozen cauliflower rice and beauty products all in one stop? The cream is rich and thick but ultimately, it has the perfect consistency (feels a lot like the expensive L'Occitane hand creams). And I love the subtle/non-overpowering rose scent and melts quickly into skin and definitely not sticky, so when you apply it before bed, there's no need to worry about getting greasy lotion-hands all over your bedding. Oh and also... it's $4.99. So there. You're welcome.

Happy Fav's!



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