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Bronze/Gold Vintage-Inspired Coffee Table - Today's Friday Fav!

To find the right piece of furniture takes lots of time and patience (and usually money too – that helps, right?)! I had been on the hunt for the perfect coffee table for several months. Not that there’s anything wrong with my 10+ year old coffee table from Target – with scratches and stains on the dark wood top (and my husband didn’t seem to think there was a reason for a new one), but I wanted something fresh and funky – something to bring a little “oomph” to the room. After all, the furniture in our living room was pretty dark and boxy. Tan/brown sofa and arm chair (thanks dad for the free sofa and chair!), new but dark and industrial-looking TV stand (also, rectangular-shaped), and black console table to hold our mail and paperwork. Even with the bright red wall behind the TV (and patterned, but beige rug), still…it needed a pop of something. I kept leaning towards gold, round or oval, faux marble, maybe something bright? Definitely oval I thought – to break up the square shapes in the room.

My bestie Alex (follow her on was in the final stages of buying new furniture for her semi-new apartment. She excitedly told me one morning “I found the perfect coffee table! From Montgomery Ward - who knew they were still around!" Truth.

So of course, I asked to see it – and the reminded her “you know, I’m still looking for a new coffee table, so just warning you, if I fall in love with this, don’t be upset if I want it too!”.

So that was it – I fell in love. It was roughly the perfect size and shape, I love the gold (okay, it's slightly more bronzey) but what I really fell in love with was the vintage-inspired feel and it looks like an antique (but news flash – it is oh-so light and easy to move when you need to vacuum the rug)! I also love that shelf on the bottom, even though it’s beautifully embellished, it gives another spot to put stuff, like my Refinery 29 coffee table style book!

But I wasn’t convinced right off the bat. I continued to look around at some other options – ideally under $200, oval, gold (or rose gold), faux marble maybe? But something that would also go well with my new gold and pink faux suede round ottoman too!

A few weeks of back and forth, do I love it, do I love it enough to replace my coffee table…ok, enough is enough. I bit the bullet and bought it! Plus, it was on sale and it was ending soon, so ya know…bigger discounts are always a no-brainer.

Oh and in case you’re wondering, Alex DID buy the coffee table (before me) and when I asked her if it would bother her if I got the same one, not only was she totally cool with it, but she actually INSISTED that we get the same one so ya know, we can be #tabletwinsies

It shipped and arrived within a week and although it was simple to put together, it was a little tricky to get that stupid Allen wrench in an awkward spot to tighten the bolts. Plus, (and probably a safety issue for kids), the glass is not secured on the top so she and I both trying to come up with a good solution to secure it on the tabletop without it being noticeable.

I’d say overall, I am beyond thrilled with it! I wish it was a teeeeny bit bigger and taller, BUT when I asked my husband if he was going to hate it (because I don’t want to buy a piece of furniture that he absolutely hates), he lovingly said “eh, it’s okay. I’ll get used to it.” And that’s the best. Because he ultimately trusts my decorating skills and even better – with the ottoman, he has another place to rest his feet (and beer, and other snacks). HA!

Sadly, it looks like this specific one is out of stock (and not even on their website), but I found some other cool options that are similar to this one! And how crazy beautiful is this third coffee table from! Ugh, yes please!

Happy decorating!



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