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Welcome baaaaack! Here today with another "Outfit of the Day" - and this is one of my FAVS lately!

Well, the weather may be getting colder (we had SNOW last week) but we had a few day of upper 50's so that may still warrant some open-toe-shoes for the meantime, but this outfit would totally work with any type of footwear - sneakers, pumps, or boots!

Let me first start off my saying, not everyone who dresses modestly for religious reasons may be comfortable wearing jeans, but this is my great way of incorporating jeans (that I used to wear all the time), in a chic, modest way! Or ANY pants for that matter.

This Asian-inspired dress would look great with black leggings and maybe some ankle boots with a pop of gold, just to mix and match the metallics (since there is silver in the dress). But that's me - I love mixing materials, patterns, colors and metallics!

I added this pop of color from my wedges (though they're NOT comfortable - they're only good wearing for a short amount of time). And I love how this neutral dress goes with anything! The black and white pattern truly goes with any color - hence my pop of pink lipstick and tortoiseshell earrings!

Also, I added this silver foldable bag as an extra addition to add another pop of texture.

Simple outfits can be beautiful, fun and of course flattering. All I did here was throw on a dress over a pair of jeans and add some fun accessories. BAM! Chic, polished and casual at the same time.

Happy styling!

Dress: @hm Jeans: @nyandcompany Shoes: @nicolemillernewyork Shades: @raen @boxofstyle Bag: @cosstores Hair: @milanowigs Earrings: @shopmachete @boxofstyle Lipstick: @maybelline Watch: @michelewatches

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