• Rachel Katzman

#MANIMONDAY - "Seaside"

Okay, here we go again - Mani Monday for the win! This Jamberry nail wrap is definitely an oldie but a goodie, it's actually a twist on a classic wrap! This one is called "seaside" but hey, the whole idea is to feature a gorgeous, simple, yet funky nail art that's perfect for the start of summer! And paired with this black and gold embellished clutch, it cannot get more "basic" than that!

I'm going to pause here and give you some realness. I've been back and forth abut being an independent consultant with Jamberry. I absolutely love their products, but honestly, I'm just not pushing it lately - and my devoted customers who have been so generous to me and have helped my business grow, they have so many wraps that they're just not in the market for any new ones. And truthfully, I think when Jamberry was bought out by M. Network last summer, I got the feeling that my customer and potential new ones weren't sure what the future of Jamberry was going to be, or didn't have the trust that it was worth it to continue buying. But let me clear here - Jamberry is continuing to thrive and because they joined with M. Network but there are even MORE products now available on my website, like health and wellness products (check it out here)!

And if it comes to it one day, I will let you all know what my future holds at Jamberry. I have a wonderful sponsor who I would be happy to pass along my potential clients and because i have SO many products sitting at home, stay tuned for a giveaway coming up! I'll be sharing it on my Instagram and Facebook pages, so make sure you follow me!

And finally... what do YOU want to see from Do you want to see more recipes, or fashion tips? Maybe wedding or home decor inspo? Comment below and your wish is my command! :)

Oh and I still have PLENTY of samples so contact me if you’re interested in trying out some Jamberry nail wraps!





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